Crazy Seether Dream

My Seether dream was all about Shaun this time. He was in a karaoke Guitar Hero contest (Yeah, I know. My brain comes up with wierd sh*t.) with some young kid. The announcer at the bar asked the crowd what they thought Shaun should sing, and the crowd starts yelling out different songs from a wide variety of bands. One person yells No Jesus Christ, and I just chuckle because this is supposed to be karaoke. He should be singing someone else’s song, not his own.

Shaun walks over to the announcer and whispers something to him. Next thing I know, Shaun is belting out No Jesus Christ with his little plastic guitar. The crowd screams in delight to be hearing a Seether song. I’m in the front row, and I start laughing when I realize what Shaun is singing. He looks right at me and our eyes connect and he kinda chuckles with me like we have a private joke. No one else seems to find it funny that he’s singing his own song in a karaoke contest. Just us.

During a singing break in the song, and I’m guessing because of our private little moment, Shaun comes over to me and shows me some writing scratched into his guitar. His real guitar. I know. It’s a dream. What can I say? It was now a real guitar.

The part that I can remember reading said:

Don’t forget to talk to your SISTER (sister was in all caps like that for some reason), don’t buy stupid sh*t, and whatever you do, don’t forget to buy the owl towels whenever you see them (that one is still cracking me up…OWL towels?? lol).

It was like a how to tour note from his mom written on his guitar. Weird.

I don’t get to finish reading it because he has to go back to singing. I was super disappointed. Shaun finishes the song and leaves the stage to huge applause…and then most of the crowd leaves. Most of the crowd had just come to see Shaun play! They could have cared less about the next competitor. It made me proud to be a Seether fan.

The dream gets a bit hazy during the next part, but I know that I watch the next guy sing. I remember he was pretty good. His mom was standing next to me screaming at the top of her lungs like a deranged fan. I have no idea who won, but my money would be on Shaun. 馃檪

The dream kinda skips around and the next thing I remember the bar has cleared out and I’m standing in front of a chair that has Shaun’s guitar laying on it. I’m going to get to finish reading the inscription! I lean down to it…and a guy reaches around me to pick up the guitar. He was obviously part of the crew, kind of looked like Scotty, but wasn’t him, and was taking the guitar away to pack it up.

I said, “Wait, I needed to finish reading what it said. I was the girl who Shaun was showing it to during the show.”

The guy looks at the guitar and then looks me over and says, “How much is it worth to you?”

I play along and with a little wink say, “I save that for when I’m trying to meet the band.”

He says, “Okay. Let’s go.”

I groan in defeat and say, “I was just joking. I’m not really that type of girl.”

He says, “Your loss.”

I turn and walk away while聽saying, “I wish I was that type of girl.”

The guy just laughs.

That was my dream. Completely insane.

Seether Freak

ps. I’m pretty sure my dream must have been partially inspired by this video. I love this video. And just so you know, it was specifically Guitar Hero that they were playing in my dream. Not Rock Band. I don’t know why. It just was. 馃檪