Interviews of Awesomeness

I wish I was the one who found the links to these interviews, but sadly it was not me. So without further adieu…the Interviews of Awesomeness!!!

The first link was found by XxDisclaimerxX on the boards. He’s an awesome guy, but he hasn’t been around on the blog in a while.

Click here for what he found.

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Spanky McGee Interview

Thank goodness for Eve. She sent me an email yesterday with a link to the below video. She wanted to make sure that I had seen it because she thought it might be good for the blog. Well, I had seen it. It’s friggin’ hilarious. It’s not one of those videos you forget. In fact, I remembered it so well that I thought I had done a post about it. But I guess I didn’t, since I couldn’t find it on the blog. Ooops. 😯 I think maybe the tour bus tour (ha-ha) was part of another video that I posted about. (Nope, I don’t seem to have posted about it. Guess what tomorrow’s post is going to be about.)

So thanks to Eve, you’re getting a post about it now.

There’s just so much to laugh and joke about in this video. I want all of you to have fun pointing out all the crazy things that the guys do and say in it.

So, what’s your favorite funny thing from the video? Leave a comment, Seetherlings.

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ps. Thanks Eve! 😀

pps. If I did do a post about this, please let me know. I like to know when I’ve been a complete doof. You know, first thinking I posted something, then thinking I didn’t post it but I really had posted it. Crazy! I’ve written so many posts now (224), that I can’t keep track of them all in my head.  

Now after reading all that, don’t forget to comment on the video. 🙂

What title would you choose…

…for the song Burrito?

For those of you who didn’t already know, the guys’ have said the title for Burrito came to them after watching an episode of The Osbournes. From an interview with Recoil:

  • R: One of the more metal-sounding songs on the album is called “Burrito” and I hear it’s inspired by and dedicated to Ozzy himself. Is that true? (Clicking the link will take you to the rest of interview with Recoil.)
    We had the song, we had written three songs actually, for the soundtrack to Daredevil. This was before Johnny had joined the band, but we had the song and before we had any idea of what to call it we gave it a stupid name. We had just the night before watched, we were all together and we had watched The Osbournes episode where Ozzy is rattling on about the spicy burritos he loves so much. [Imitates Ozzy’s voice] ‘Mmm, the spicy burrito.’ Shuffling around, ranting about these burritos. He goes out and buys, I don’t know, a hundred of them at a time and goes home and freezes them and whenever he feels like having a burrito he thaws it out. The whole episode, really, was devoted to Ozzy’s burrito thing and in our minds it was either really, really funny or really, really bad. So it’s like when a dog can’t stop licking himself, some people think it’s funny and some people think it’s bad. In some way, we figured we’d give Ozzy a tribute because come on, the guy used to be a legend.


Another short interview with “needs a bitch slap” magazine *** that talks about the story behind Burrito. It also talks about the story behind the song Diseased.


The lyrics to Burrito are:

I try to hide myself
Give this to someone else
My hands are stained with scum
Wish I could wash it away
You keep taking, taking away
And keep breaking, breaking, break

I can’t believe in yesterday
I feel you coming in
I can’t just stand by and watch you
Save yourself as you fall from grace
When you come around, I won’t be your sympathy

The worst is over now
You said it anyhow
My life in monochrome
Wish I could regain control
You keep taking, taking away
I keep faking, faking, fake

Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up again
Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up




I’ve often wondered what the title of the song might have been if the guys hadn’t watched that Osbournes episode. So what I’d like to know from you is what title would you choose for Burrito? Let’s hear it. I bet you guys can come up with some good ones. They can be funny, serious, or make no sense whatsoever. Feel free to submit more than one.


Seether Freak


***If you had read the comments on this post, you would’ve gotten the joke. 🙂 Right, Huldra? heeheehee.

Seriously, homie-chicken-nuggets, a lot of fun happens in the comments, not to mention the videos and links that people post there. If you’re not reading the comments, you’re missing out on half the blog. The comments are the shin-diggity-bomb. Anyone else want to put their two-cents in about how great the comments are?

You’ve been warned. 😎

John Humphrey’s Interview with Swank Trendz

A great interview with John done by Shane Christensen of Swank Trendz on December 15, 2007.


john pic


Part 1.

Part 2.








Seether Freak

John’s Interview with

Short little interview with John.

If I could only meet and get to know one band member of Seether, it would be John. He’s so cool and down to earth. The other guys are too, but John is more so. Even though he’s now a famous drummer he still seems like an average, normal guy.

You rock, John!

If you could only meet and get to know one band member of Seether, who would you choose? It can be any band member past or present, and you would only get to be friends with them. No hanky-panky. 😉

Seether Freak

Photos of Shaun from the MuchOnDemand Interview

The title says it all. Click on the photo to take you to the website for more photos.

What I find odd is that Dale was also at this interview, yet they don’t have any photos of Dale posted. See where it says OTHERS SPOTTED AT THIS EVENT under the photos? It says Shaun Morgan! Poor Dale.

If you haven’t seen the interview, here’s the link to the post I did about it.


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