Pic from the Machine Shop

Couple new pics from Seether’s Facebook.

Seether Freak


Interviews of Awesomeness

I wish I was the one who found the links to these interviews, but sadly it was not me. So without further adieu…the Interviews of Awesomeness!!!

The first link was found by XxDisclaimerxX on the Seether.com boards. He’s an awesome guy, but he hasn’t been around on the blog in a while.

Click here for what he found.

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Sprinkles Photo

I wandered over to Sprinkles Malone’s (from the Seether.com board) MySpace page and found this great photo of Shaun. I just knew my little Seetherlings would love this photo. 馃槈

Buzzfest 2010- Sometimes he plays hard and sometimes he plays soft.You'll understand later...

I have no idea what the caption means. Any ideas?

Seether Freak

Update: The caption and what is on the guitar frets is explained in the comments by Sprinks. It’s X-rated so don’t read the comments unless you’re over 21, 18, 16 (whatever it is in your country). Blah, blah, blah. 馃槈

Reply to “Call Me When You’re Sober”

Remember the song Call Me When You’re Sober聽by Evanescence? Of course you do. Supposedly聽the song聽was directed at Shaun.

So what can a rock god do to respond to such allegations? Hook up with Tyler Shields. And, of course, when I say “hook up” I mean take photographs. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Check it out here and here.

Seether Freak

Twisted Hillbilly Magazine

Merry Christmas, Seetherlings! My gift to you is several posts today. Joy to all.

Check out Twisted Hillbilly Magazine’s page on Seether. Click the photo to take you to the page.

Seether Freak

Photos of Shaun’s Short Hair

Okay, I’ve gotten permission to post some of the photos. Woo-hoo! Check out the gauge on Shaun’s earrings!

AK~Seetherling requests that you do not copy or save these photos to your computer, another site, photobucket, flicker, etc. These are her personal photos, and she is being wonderful and sharing them with us. Please just enjoy looking and commenting on the photos. 馃檪

The first photo is a cropped version of the second photo so you can see his hair (and earring) close-up.

shaun with short hair-cropped

shaun with short hair

shaun with short hair 2Shaun_Lips_Out

Thank you for sharing, AK~Seetherling!!

Seether Freak and AK~Seetherling