No Resolution-New Seether Song!

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From the video’s notes:

Seether playing live at the Duquoin State Fair Illinois 9/4/10
Shaun had told the audience prior that they had a new album coming out and that hopefully they would have it done in the next “two or so months though it might end up being released in January”. he also said that sometimes they get tired of playing the old songs so they thought they’d play us a new one. he said that he might end up fucking it up but then again if he did nobody would know because nobody else had prior heard it. still not sure if this was their first time playing it but the way he introduced it made it sound like that this was its debut. sorry the sound quality isnt the best but it can still be heard with simple volume adjusments.
this was about their 9th song in 13 song setlist, i dont have the rest of the concert but i can tell you that set was in this order
No Jesus Christ
two min of Ive Got You Under My Skin, not listed on set list
Fine Again
Driven Under
a two minute acoustic instrumental of immortality, not on the official set list
The Gift
No Resolution
Careless Whisper
Rise Above This
Fake It
The song is actually called no resolution, not new resolution, everywhere else has it listed as that title, we should at least get it right people :/ here is a picture of the actual setlist…
to the best of my ability, these are the lyrics, as far as i can hear or make out
Im doing fine
You know you preyed upon my mind
On stolen time
Don’t walk away, this pains me(?)

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution

Im doing fine
You know your hatred plagues my mind
On stolen time(?)
(something) from the way you treat me

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution

You cant bring me down
You cant bring me down (now or yea)

Im doing fine
You know this hatred plagues my mind
On stolen time(?)
Cause I love the way it feeds me

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution x2

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New Videos on Seether-Online

Matt posted that he uploaded some new videos on his website I’m not seeing them yet, but I’ve had a long day so maybe I’m just missing them. If you all see them, let me know. I can’t wait to watch them.

Thanks, Matt! You’re always awesome.

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Official Videos Private?

Has anyone else noticed that the official Seether YouTube channel has made all of the official Seether music videos (except Breakdown) private? I wonder what the thinking was behind that? You can still watch a few of them on, and of course, there are the pirated versions, but I’m just really curious as to what WindUp’s or whoever’s thoughts were behind doing this. Was there a real reason?

It seems to have happened about a week ago, and I kept thinking it was some kind of error and would go away. Nope.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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What Song Would You Recommend Poll Results

A couple of you have asked for the results for the poll, so here they are:

Fine Again – 4 votes

Sympathetic – 2 votes

Broken – 2 vote

Driven Under – 1 vote

Needles – 2  votes (This was my vote)

Gasoline – 1 vote

No Jesus Christ – 1 vote

Remedy – 3 votes

Tied My Hands – 1 vote

Rise Above This – 2 votes

69 Tea – 1 vote

FMLYHM – 1 vote

Fake It – 1 vote

Like Suicide – 1 vote

Here’s a link to the original post if you want to read everyone’s comments. If I get more votes, I’ll update this post.

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On a non-Seether related note…I’m rockin’ the voice of a pubescent boy. High, low…squeak. Thanks, Laryngitis! High five!

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What song would you recommend?

There is this girl at work that for some reason has decided that I’m the person to ask when she wants to know of a new band or song to listen to. Of course, the first time she asked me I said, “Anything by Seether”.

It got me thinking…if someone had never listened to Seether before, what one song would you recommend to them? The one song that you think would make them an instant Seether fan. To make it easy, we’ll just assume that the hypothetical person already likes the type of music that Seether does.

I’ve created a new poll on the sidebar for you all to vote, but please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

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Edit: Here’s the results.

Seether’s Careless Whisper Over Wham’s Video

Need a good chuckle?

I can’t believe how well it syncs up. It’s odd watching Shaun’s voice come out of George Michael’s mouth.

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What title would you choose…

…for the song Burrito?

For those of you who didn’t already know, the guys’ have said the title for Burrito came to them after watching an episode of The Osbournes. From an interview with Recoil:

  • R: One of the more metal-sounding songs on the album is called “Burrito” and I hear it’s inspired by and dedicated to Ozzy himself. Is that true? (Clicking the link will take you to the rest of interview with Recoil.)
    We had the song, we had written three songs actually, for the soundtrack to Daredevil. This was before Johnny had joined the band, but we had the song and before we had any idea of what to call it we gave it a stupid name. We had just the night before watched, we were all together and we had watched The Osbournes episode where Ozzy is rattling on about the spicy burritos he loves so much. [Imitates Ozzy’s voice] ‘Mmm, the spicy burrito.’ Shuffling around, ranting about these burritos. He goes out and buys, I don’t know, a hundred of them at a time and goes home and freezes them and whenever he feels like having a burrito he thaws it out. The whole episode, really, was devoted to Ozzy’s burrito thing and in our minds it was either really, really funny or really, really bad. So it’s like when a dog can’t stop licking himself, some people think it’s funny and some people think it’s bad. In some way, we figured we’d give Ozzy a tribute because come on, the guy used to be a legend.


Another short interview with “needs a bitch slap” magazine *** that talks about the story behind Burrito. It also talks about the story behind the song Diseased.


The lyrics to Burrito are:

I try to hide myself
Give this to someone else
My hands are stained with scum
Wish I could wash it away
You keep taking, taking away
And keep breaking, breaking, break

I can’t believe in yesterday
I feel you coming in
I can’t just stand by and watch you
Save yourself as you fall from grace
When you come around, I won’t be your sympathy

The worst is over now
You said it anyhow
My life in monochrome
Wish I could regain control
You keep taking, taking away
I keep faking, faking, fake

Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up again
Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up




I’ve often wondered what the title of the song might have been if the guys hadn’t watched that Osbournes episode. So what I’d like to know from you is what title would you choose for Burrito? Let’s hear it. I bet you guys can come up with some good ones. They can be funny, serious, or make no sense whatsoever. Feel free to submit more than one.


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***If you had read the comments on this post, you would’ve gotten the joke. 🙂 Right, Huldra? heeheehee.

Seriously, homie-chicken-nuggets, a lot of fun happens in the comments, not to mention the videos and links that people post there. If you’re not reading the comments, you’re missing out on half the blog. The comments are the shin-diggity-bomb. Anyone else want to put their two-cents in about how great the comments are?

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