Karaoke Saturday 08/29/2009

Wow, real karaoke on Karaoke Saturday! You’re welcome.

I don’t think I’m going to waste a courage award on this one. This video聽had nothing to do with聽courage. It was all about the jagerbombs. 馃槢

Seether Freak


Karaoke Saturday 08/22/2009

Um, yeah. You see聽what the guy聽is holding in this聽weeks video? “Cool!”聽“A violin!” “Something different!” That’s what you’re thinking,聽right? [sigh] Yeah,聽I did that聽too.

Instead…prepare for your ears to bleed and聽your skin to crawl.聽And to聽top it off,聽he聽somehow聽manages to get worse and worse and worse. And worse. I double dog dare you to watch the whole thing.

This guy is not getting a courage award. He’s getting a聽friggin’ seven-foot tall聽trophy. 聽o.O聽 ‘Cause it’s soooo much wooorse…than just your bad voice.

Seether Freak

ps. Did you notice what he did聽before he turned off the camera? The poor guy is delusional.

Karaoke Saturday 08/15/2009

This video made my Karaoke Saturday post within the first 4 seconds due to unlawful use of unnecessary butt cleavage. He then stayed on the bad cover list because seriously, does the guy even like Seether?聽Could he look any more bored? (read that聽in聽Chandler Bing style)聽It’s Truth, kid! Rock it out!聽 \m/\m/

Courage award awarded.

Seether Freak

Karaoke Saturday 8/08/2009

My first thought when I saw this video was, “Sweet, someone covered Fallen!” And then, horror…the guy started singing. 馃槮

The music sounds great, I’ll give them that. And I did seriously consider using this video for Cover Wednesday, but I just couldn’t get over the guy’s voice. It sounds so forced and fake. I fear some of you may not agree with me on this one, so let’s hear it. 馃槑

I’ve decided to give them a heart-shaped courage award because they were halfway good.

Seether Freak

Update 05/02/2010: Please check out the comments section of this post. The lead singer of the band stopped by to voice his opinion about this post. I have checked out some of their over videos on YouTube and no longer feel that his voice sounds “forced and fake”. This is just his normal singing voice. Please check The Day Street Brothel’s Myspace page and their YouTube channel to form your own opinion of the band.


‘Cause the horror of this one couldn’t wait until next Saturday. It’s just wrong.

And he’s 33-years-old!


If you’re up for another laugh/barf, check out this video.聽Some people should not be allowed to have technology. Or dress-up clothes.

Seether Freak

p.s. If he wasn’t such an obvious douche, I’d totally wanna grab me some that hair. Yank, yank. 馃槈 聽[sigh] I love long hair on guys.

p.p.s Okay, after watching several more of his videos, I’m starting to like the guy. He’s a complete goofball. I love a good goofball.

Karaoke Saturday 08/01/2009

This Karaoke Saturday post brought to you by the word practice.

Hey, look! Your courage award is red! Lucky you.

Seether Freak

p.s. Are you all enjoying these posts or what?

Karaoke Saturday 7/25/2009


Just so you know, the above video was try #2. Here’s try #1. I figured I would be nice and at least feature his second try.

Enjoy your courage award, dude. You deserve it. 馃檪

Seether Freak