Got an email. Lots of thanks to the Nibbana Family. 馃檪

We regularly shoot video when Seether comes to the mid-atlantic region and have some great stuff for Seether fans. 聽It’s all high quality HD and the audio is good:

9/13/2010 Baltimore,MD:

9/15/2010 York, PA:

9/16/2010 Sayreville, NJ:

10/3/2009 Sayreville, NJ:

We’ll be shooting the next Seether shows in Baltimore on 4/15/2011 in Baltimore and 5/22/2011 in Camden, NJ.

Check out our YouTube channel for the latest updates:

Enjoy Seether fans!! Rock on!!


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New Video of No Resolution

Thanks Anon#32 for sending us the link to a new video of Seether’s new song No Resolution. You were the first to submit something! Awesome!

Sadly, my youtube isn’t working right now so I can’t watch it. Hope you all enjoy it though.

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Need Your Help

I want to thank everyone who left a comment checking to see if I was okay and still alive. I really appreciate your concern. I’m obviously still alive. 馃槈 I’ve just been super busy, and I’m about to get even busier. That brings me to the reason for this post.

I’ve become too busy to keep consistently up-to-date with all things Seether. I wish I could spend all my time researching Seether, but it just isn’t going to happen.

BUT…I really want to keep this blog going and alive, so I need your help. I need everyone’s help that reads the blog on a regular basis or even just every once in a while. I don’t care if you’ve never left a comment, this is the time to become involved in the blog. 馃檪

I think I’ve got the time to create short posts to keep everyone updated, but I just don’t have the time to do the research. That’s what I need YOUR help with. Find a new pic? Send it to me. Find a new video? Send it to me. Find a new interview? Send it to me. Find something old? Send it to me. If it’s Seether related, I want to hear about it.

Been to a concert? Everyone would love to see your pics and video. Meet the band? We would all LOVE to hear about it (although we will be quite envious 馃槈 ).

You can just send me links, files or you can write up a whole blog post yourself. I know I have some talented writers in the Seetherlings, although that’s not really even necessary to write a blog post. LOL.

If you want credit for your find or blog post, just include your info like name, website, blog, YouTube channel, pic of you, etc in the message. Whatever you want.

You can use the box below to send me whatever you find, or you can email me at the email address on the left side of the page.

So help me out, Seetherlings. With the help of everyone we can keep the blog from dying!

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No Resolution-New Seether Song!

Thanks to Alisha for posting the link to this. You rock!

From the video’s notes:

Seether playing live at the Duquoin State Fair Illinois 9/4/10
Shaun had told the audience prior that they had a new album coming out and that hopefully they would have it done in the next “two or so months though it might end up being released in January”. he also said that sometimes they get tired of playing the old songs so they thought they’d play us a new one. he said that he might end up fucking it up but then again if he did nobody would know because nobody else had prior heard it. still not sure if this was their first time playing it but the way he introduced it made it sound like that this was its debut. sorry the sound quality isnt the best but it can still be heard with simple volume adjusments.
this was about their 9th song in 13 song setlist, i dont have the rest of the concert but i can tell you that set was in this order
No Jesus Christ
two min of Ive Got You Under My Skin, not listed on set list
Fine Again
Driven Under
a two minute acoustic instrumental of immortality, not on the official set list
The Gift
No Resolution
Careless Whisper
Rise Above This
Fake It
The song is actually called no resolution, not new resolution, everywhere else has it listed as that title, we should at least get it right people :/ here is a picture of the actual setlist…
to the best of my ability, these are the lyrics, as far as i can hear or make out
Im doing fine
You know you preyed upon my mind
On stolen time
Don’t walk away, this pains me(?)

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution

Im doing fine
You know your hatred plagues my mind
On stolen time(?)
(something) from the way you treat me

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution

You cant bring me down
You cant bring me down (now or yea)

Im doing fine
You know this hatred plagues my mind
On stolen time(?)
Cause I love the way it feeds me

Yea! Theres no resolution
Yea! It makes me think twice
Yea! I need retribution and you don’t have it
Im your pollution x2

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ps. Another post will be coming soon.

pps. I’m alive. 馃槈

Seether – Lexington, KY 05/09/2010

Videos from the 05/09/2010 concert in Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena.

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Seether – Little Rock, AR 05/08/2010

Videos from Edgefest VI in Little Rock, AR on 05/08/2010.

Click photo to take you to more photos from Edgefest. Page 1, 9, & 10. I know it’s not a great pic, but you can see Shaun’s X-rated guitar really well in it. 馃槈 Click here for the original photo. It’s a bit bigger so you can see it even better.

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