Interviews of Awesomeness

I wish I was the one who found the links to these interviews, but sadly it was not me. So without further adieu…the Interviews of Awesomeness!!!

The first link was found by XxDisclaimerxX on the boards. He’s an awesome guy, but he hasn’t been around on the blog in a while.

Click here for what he found.

The second link was found by anonymous#32 on the boards. I don’t know this person, but I’m sure they’re awesome too.

Click here for what they found or click the following link to go directly to the interview. The Buzzfest Interview 2010

Also, in my sleuthiness, (Firefox says that isn’t a word, but I don’t care. It sounds cool. Oh no…wait…now it says it IS a word. That’s right, Firefox. Don’t mess with the Freak. Ohhh boy…I bragged and now it’s not a word anymore. I should have kept my mouth shut.) I was able to find some great photos of the Seether guys from anonymous#32. They may or may not have been taken by anonymous#32 but he/she was using one of the photos as their avatar on the boards. So for now, they are getting credit for the photos. The photos are from Buzzfest.

Behold the AWESOMENESS! Click either photo to take you to more photos.

Seether Freak


4 responses to “Interviews of Awesomeness

  1. Anonymous #32 did not take these pics, BUT she was standing right next to me as I snapped these….enjoying every minute of it!! Just thought I would take credit for my photos (proud of these shots). Those were taken in May ’10…I have more from July 4th 2010 Freedom Fest ..Ft. Hood Texas (they were taken via the “big screen”…but great none the less). Maybe I will let #32 share those also…..Hope everyone enjoys!!! 🙂

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