Sprinkles Photo

I wandered over to Sprinkles Malone’s (from the Seether.com board) MySpace page and found this great photo of Shaun. I just knew my little Seetherlings would love this photo. 😉

Buzzfest 2010- Sometimes he plays hard and sometimes he plays soft.You'll understand later...

I have no idea what the caption means. Any ideas?

Seether Freak

Update: The caption and what is on the guitar frets is explained in the comments by Sprinks. It’s X-rated so don’t read the comments unless you’re over 21, 18, 16 (whatever it is in your country). Blah, blah, blah. 😉


12 responses to “Sprinkles Photo

  1. No idea. But i´m also wondering what this one comments means.

    “LMFAO, was just wondering what that was on the neck”

  2. Strange caption. Guess we’ll understand later. 😉

    Someone PLEASE take a close-up photo of Shaun’s arms (especially the left one)! Beautiful ink either way, but I’d love to see the details. ^^

    Chez: The neck? of what? The guitar, Shaun or the mike rack? The rack is covered with some kind of Christmas lights… XD

    • I don´t know. I just quoted what was written as comment.

      But i agree with the tattoos. I´d love to see more details too. Like when Zach from Shinedown took off his shirt for the encore and stood right in front of me. 🙂 I believe Shaun would never do that.

      • Yeah, I doubt Shaun would strip… *Flashback of the Tyler Shields photo shoot* Or then again, perhaps he’ll surprise us. ^^ *laughs*

  3. Hey, dedicated Seetherites. When I put that caption up it is referring to the frets. You will notice a hard dick that goes softer up the neck. Pretty hilarious.

  4. OMG. It took me quite a while to understand it. I just starred at the picture and was like “WHAT?” A co-worker came in and looked at me and wondered why i didn´t reply to her question. It´s too early in the morning for a foreign language.
    But now that i got it it´s hilarious. 😀

  5. Hahahahaha! So finally, the question of the frets is answered. I was liking “Kill Me Now” better but not anymore xD

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