Seether Covers Silverchair

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this video yet. Seether is just so friggin’ cool.

Enjoy Seether’s cover of Silverchair’s Israel’s Son.

Seether Freak


6 responses to “Seether Covers Silverchair

  1. This was freakin’ awesome! I love it when they do covers. Seriously, I don’t think they can ever do a bad cover of any song! Gaaahhh I must see them live asap!! All these videos are making me crave a concert!

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  3. Thank you. The only vid I have seen of this was way shitty. You rock!

    Funny how they do cover better than the originals. Wouldn’t want Seether covering a song of mine. (If I had any…) LOL

  4. Wow, a band I love doing a song by a band I still love (yeah silverchair are like my guilty pleasure, but hey I can justify that by being 16 when they released frogstomp)

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