Seether – Birmingham, AL 04/30/2010

*happy dance* Videos from the Crawfish Boil! The Seether boys sound amazing. I will continue to add videos to this post as I find them.

Chezzy, you can see Shaun’s hair really well in the 5th video. ๐Ÿ˜€

Seether Freak

**Hair shot**


6 responses to “Seether – Birmingham, AL 04/30/2010

  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing these! I so hope I can go to one of their concerts this summer. LOL love the ‘hair shot’. Glad to see it long again as well, but I think I read on the boards (or was it here?) that he cuts it short after every tour?

    • I heard it too. I think it was just a jam session. It sounded similar to what they had been doing before, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it WAS part of a new song?!

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