Bob’s Bunk Blog

Bob’s Bunk Blog finally disappeared from, so I’m posting it below so we will always have it. I’m hoping this means that something new will be coming in the near future.

Tonight is the first show of the mini tour they’re doing. The blog will be coming out of hibernation, Seetherlings! I’m hoping to find some great videos of the shows and maybe get to hear a new song from the new album.

ps. Read Bob’s Bunk Blog from the bottom to the top.


02.27.09: Bob’s Back

hey it’s me again. I know it’s been a really long time and I’m sure there has been some very sleepless nights for you guys wondering when I’m gonna write the next blog. Im also pretty sure that I’ve become your favorite person in the whole world. Don’t be shy you can admit it and don’t worry about making my head any bigger. I have a big Irish head. It’s often hard for me to make it through doorways sometimes.

Oh well but speaking of Ireland we didn’t go there. But we did go to Scotland and England for a bunch of shows. Those were a lot of fun. And a lot of laughs and awkward silences. I’m sure I probably missed out on some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard but just couldn’t get past the accent. Everyone would be having a great laugh and I would sit there all quiet like I didn’t get the joke. Oh well. Oh and there was this one Irish guy we met at the pub. He was the funniest guy in the world didn’t understand a word. We also went to the Tower of London on the same day of President Obama’s inauguration. That was kinda cool. Most of the day was spent walking around saying “off with their head.”

But ever since our little stint in merry ol’ England we all got pretty sick. Bob here is finally back to normal after 4 weeks. That pesky little virus has taken its toll on all of us. There are still some crew guys pretty sick and all 4 of the band guys have met their fate with whatever it is that is ailing us. Johnny today got diagnosed with tonsillitis. Have you ever seen pictures of that nastiness? Go to Wikipedia and look it up but make sure to keep a trash can next to ya. You might have to throw up.

Shaun saw the doctor the other day as well. Doctor’s orders to Shaun. “I think you should shut up.” I couldn’t agree more. My days are a lot easier and quieter now. There is no more ‘this food isn’t cooked right take it back’ or ‘has anyone seen my pink boa? I’m not going on stage unless I have my pink boa!” Yeah the days are a lot better right now. I can taunt him all day and he can’t talk back. I can even make things up and he can’t say anything. It’s pretty cool. But I’m sure during one of the songs he’s gonna change the lyrics to ‘Bob yer fired.’ Well at least he sang it to me.

The unfortunate part about this whole sickness that nobody is down with, see what I just did, is that a lot of the fans who win meet and greets through the radio don’t ever get to meet the band. But we are finding ways to make it up to them. Maybe the guys will write them a personal love song to them about their dog or cat or maybe even your ferret. But it’s one thing to meet the band and walk away with a picture it’s another thing to walk away with some disease. Nobody wants that. So the band spends most of the day curled up in their bunks watching cartoons or House, MD, or some kinda horror film. Maybe they can scare the virus out. Cause the sweating and medicine isn’t working.

Well we are about to finish up the run with 3 Doors Down. They were all great guys but we barely saw them. Don’t want to get them sick either and we are also kept under a very watchful eye of the venue security. Look at that picture. It’s really hard to approach the band with security like that in front of your dressing room.


12.09.08: Tonight in Waterloo

Waterloo -couldn’t escape if I wanted to. So you like ABBA? I do. That song is one of their best. Anytime I am out on tour I have a guilty pleasure of going to karaoke bars and singing ABBA tunes. Don’t make fun. I’m sure you sing Journey or George Michael songs in the shower. I usually sing Dancing Queen, because I’m a great dancer. Not cause I’m a queen. I’m actually a knight. I go by Sir ‘Bob’. So there is a bit of royalty in the Seether camp. We are going to the UK soon so I can introduce them to the real Queen, she doesn’t dance though, I have tried to show her some moves but she refuses. It’s cool she knighted me when I was 15 and normal. Tonight we are in Waterloo, IA, not the one Napoleon did surrender to. It was a blast and cold, really really really cold. Not as bad as Green Bay the night before but still pretty cold.

We are winding down the tour. Tonight is the last night we get to hang out with everybody. Cause in Hammond, IN we are gonna give them the good ole Irish goodbye and get on our flights home. Speaking of flights home. I need a ride after the gig to Chicago. It’s only about 20 minutes. You’ll be able to have said you had a knight in your car. I promise I’ll put on my armor and carry my sword. As long as you provide the horse; cause mine was sent off to the packing plant the other day. He froze in Green Bay. See what I did there? Packing plant=packers=Green Bay. Too bad you can’t ride bears. Oh yeah I also like to point out my bad jokes. It’s funnier that way and don’t be thinking colts. I hate the colts. Where was I? oh yeah Waterloo- I was defeated, you won the war. Right now it’s more like distracted then defeated. We are having our holiday party right now and it’s happening in the room I’m trying to type this in because Katie from Papa Roach takes up all the room in the support production office with her sewing machine. I’m still waiting for her to fix my jacket that ‘Steve’, my production assistant, burnt a hole in.

Well now I’m getting super distracted. But that’s what happens. So tonight that guy from Papa Roach, let’s call him ‘Jacoby’ sang Broken with Seether tonight that was pretty cool. Take a look at the picture. Sure it could be any guy with a hat on and tattoo’s but it wasn’t me. They won’t let me. The next song that dude bro from Staind ‘Aaron’ sang and played Nutshell with the guys. Again it could be some other dude and it wasn’t me. I promise. If they had me go out there Seether would become a one man band consisting of only me and my musical genius. It’s true I’m much more talented. I write songs that make people and animals explode. Well until the next Seether album written by Bob I’ll see you guys in Hammond at the roulette table gambling all the bands merch money on black.


12.01.08: It’s been awhile

Hey dare buds just wanted to get back in touch. It’s been awhile (see what I did there? It’s a Staind song and we are out on tour with them. Ok I like bad puns) but then again I’ve been pretty busy; most of my time is spent running around looking for clean toilets or hoping that I don’t have an accident on the plane. Speaking of planes we all went to Australia and New Zealand not too long ago. That was a lot of fun. The plane rides, 14 of them, may or may not be the best part of the trip. I think we spent more time at the terminals and in the air then we did in the actual cities. The only site seeing that got done was looking out over the city at 7,000 feet when you left the airport. Sydney looked pretty cool and New Zealand was gorgeous. That country has a ton of dormant volcanoes and Auckland is on one of them. So not much walking was done. Not by me anyways. I’m a lazy American and I prefer someone to carry me on their shoulders. But speaking of being American the U.S. elections took place when we we’re in Sydney. That was pretty exciting. To be half way around the world and watch one of the most important elections of our time was pretty cool. As luck would have it we had no tv, radio, and getting my computer online seemed like an impossible task but at the last minute it came through. It was pretty cool to watch the speeches. Bob is from Chicago so he was pretty excited to see the city he’s from celebrate. Did I just refer to myself in the 3rd person but with a fake name? Not sure what you call that.

Anyways where Obama gave his speech is where they have Lollapalooza every year. That was cool. Did you guys see Oprah smashed up against the barricade? That was funny. I guess it was kinda like a concert but with bullet proof glass and no band…so maybe not.

I guess the whole trip visiting the skippy’s and the kiwi’s was pretty great. I was looking forward to going to my favorite bar in Melbourne. It’s called the Cherry Bar and is on AC/DC lane. I have a lot of fond memories of that place and wanted everyone to go there one night. But I guess the place has had a lot more fun while I was out of the country and decided to burn down. Imagine my disappointment. Just traveled for 30 hours by plane was in need of relaxing and the place I’ve been looking forward to for a 6 months is gone. Booooo (I just did it again, you’ll see in a second) and it was Halloween night! Oh well. But that city is great and I found somewhere else to pass the time.

Do I have pictures of Australia and New Zealand you ask? Well of course not. But if you go on Google maps and Google Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane airports and zoom in to about 7,000 feet you’ll see what we all saw. Or if you stare at the bottom a sink filled with water for 15 hours you’ll get the idea. The Pacific Ocean is cool and all but not much to look at after an hour. But apparently there is this big island of garbage twice the size of Texas in the ocean between California and Hawaii. Not that that is a good thing but I always wanted my own island. I guess Oscar has something to look forward to. I think it’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Remember Garbage Pail kids? Yeah those were funny for a minute.

So let’s see GP names for Dale there was Cocktail Dale, Croco-Dale, Dale Snail, Fairy Tale Dale, and Impaled Dale. I think Cocktail Dale is fitting.

So for Johnny there was John John, Junkfood John, and Johnny One-Note. That was a toss up. But I’m gonna go with Junkfood John. It works. He likes his coco puffs

So Shaun is well they only had one and I think it works Torn Shaun. Well it works for my imagination

Last but not least, Troy. Well the ones for Troy suck. There is Dog Troy, Troy Destroy, Troy Story, and Troy Troy. How about Troy Destroy? It’s barely cool but so are Garbage Pail Kids. Anyhow… I’m bored. See ya later I have to go make fun of somebody…


11.12.08: Hey everyone…Johnny here.

Hey this is Johnny. I tied Bob up in the back lounge of the bus and have hijacked his bunk to bring you this special edition of the bunk blog. Writing to you from Auckland, New Zealand…It has been an amazing tour, so far. The shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were, for lack of, a better choice of words…F*#KING Fantastic!! The crowds have treated us well…great energy and singing the words, back to us…louder than we can play (…and we play pretty freakin’ loud!) On a fun travel note, the tour kicked off, for me, in a memorable way…I was given a ticket to the Cheap Trick and Def Leppard concert, in Melbourne…Now, having grown up in the 80’s…I could not resist the opportunity. The show was great! It is still, so inspiring, to go see these bands…still doing their thing, after all these years…performing to a packed arena…playing great and sounding absolutely flawless. I was a kid, again!! It was such an inspiring night, for me! Needless to say, I was ready to kick ass, the next night, in Melbourne!! It has been a whirl-wind trip…3 shows…a flight back to New Zealand…a show tonight…(in fact, everyone is waiting for me…soundcheck time!) another tomorrow…then, we fly back to the states…I have a feeling, I’ll stop spinning, sometime next week and realize, we were in Australia and New Zealand!…Time flies, when you are having a blast!!
Much love, Johnny


10.24.08: 10/23/08 – “Off Day”

Today was an “off day” on tour. Rather than resting Troy consumed himself with ‘staching’ everyone and anyone in sight!

Sharpie Moustache’s ala Troy.


10.14.08: Oct 13th – Hilton Head, SC

We just had a great show…we left the crowd weeping. The crowd was wiping tears from the eyes of people they didn’t even know. Oh, did I mention that this was an all-acoustic show? The entire show was acoustic-even our support Red played acoustic. It all started with the sound system that we requested arriving in shambles and improper security for a rippin rock show as we had originally planned. Instead of letting the show go to the wayside, we pulled a last minute improvisational problem solver and broke out the ‘unplugged’ gear. We hit the store and bought a bunch of candles to place all over the stage. Those who came to the show definitely received a unique show. A lot of people thoroughly enjoyed themselves – especially the ones that have the One Cold Night DVD, but had never witnessed a show like that in person. To be honest, the owner of the club was a little worried about how it was all going to work out, but everyone was fine in the end. The show was so great…even if the PA started on fire…making it a great great show.
Over n out Bob


10.06.08: Monday 10/6 Charlotte, NC

Hi! i’m bob. About 3 months ago I woke up one morning wet and on tour with Seether. I realized I lost a bet at the bar the night before. I’m not quite sure what the bet was for; probably from Dale and something along the lines of “i bet I can hold it in longer than you can.” Since then there hasn’t been any problems with wet pants but there is the occasional pink eye or gig shirt that stands up all by itself; your normal run-of-the-mill on-tour no-showering kinda glamorous funk. Last night was the last night of our headlining run and our last show with State of Shock and Ashes Divide. That guy Billy in Ashes Divide was in a perfect circle and last night Shaun sang Judith with them. I guess it was a big deal, i’ve never heard the song before but then again i spend most of my time listening and dancing to The Wiggles. Call me what you will but i call it a good time. Oh, check out the picture. I bet you can tell I’m a great photographer. Thanks for the compliments!

Today we start our tour with Staind in Greensboro, NC. Apparently they’re a big deal. Also on the bill is Papa Roach and Red. I can’t seem to get away from Red. Good thing they don’t suck. Well there should be some fun and great stories from this tour. A bunch of new people to talk to which is key to crazy adventures and another reason to get out of my bunk besides running into the venue to find a clean toilet. Until next time I’ll take an absolute and soda with a lemon and lime and place new bets. Who knows what’s next with these guys? Bob


09.26.08: Friday 9/26. Knoxville, TN

The crowd reaction was great tonight! When our production assistant Shirley went out to put waters out on stage Troy’s son followed her out there and he got an even bigger response than the openers. When Shirley left the stage Michael stayed there and waved to the crowd. They scream even more. Then Michael kicked out his leg and put the rock sign up with his hand. The crowd went ape-shit. Then the crowd started chanting Seether. It was pretty cool. It was pretty hard to get him off the stage. Bob


09.25.08: Thursday 9/25. Columbus, OH

Today we are in Columbus, OH. A pretty normal day until the power went out. So we all just sat around and made fun of each other and spent the day people watching. The only real problem with the power going out is that the Newport Music Hall gets really dark inside. Kinda spooky. But one of our crew guys had it the worst. He was in the bathroom going number 2 when the lights went out. When we heard him over our walkie talkies explaining the situation none of us felt bad for him at all. Of course the problem with that is when do you know when you are done wiping? But I guess the bathroom needs to have toilet paper to have that problem (side note we need to have glow-in-the-dark toilet paper). So two strikes against him. Well talk to ya soon. Bob


09.20.08: Saturday 9/20- St Louis, MO- Pointfest with Seether, Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, Bullet for my Valentine, etc

Saturday 9/20- St Louis, MO- Pointfest with Seether, Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, Bullet for my Valentine, etc Well this turned into a fun night. Our guitar tech Scott’s brother runs the Ampeg room back stage. So people hung out for awhile after the show. The Ampeg room is kind of like a garage where bands would play when they are young. It’s the typical garage band set-up. So Dale, Shaun, and Wes from Puddle of Mudd got together and started playing songs together. Or at least tried. It was pretty good once they figured out what they were doing. It had the beginnings of a terrible super group. Anyways it was a lot of fun and everyone that was still around got to see something unique. Until Next Time, Bob


09.19.08: Welcome to Bob’s Bunk Blog

Hi! I’m Bob and I have the wonderful pleasure of working for Seether on the road. If there is one thing I can guarantee you, it’s that everyday is an adventure with Seether. Most of the time you can see me wiping the tears from my eyes. During the day it’s usually from laughter but at night I crawl back into my bunk and cry myself to sleep for many selfish reasons. I have a big box of tissues in my bunk and no it’s not for that…Come back here, Bob’s Bunk Blog, every day so I can tell you more about the hilarious adventures of Shaun, Dale, Johnny, Troy and all of the Seether crew…


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  2. Aww, it’s quite sad to see Bob go. However, THIS blog coming out of hibernation will certainly make up for that. I’ve missed your posts quite desperately, after all. 😉

  3. Hey S.
    long time no see. I was hoping to already find some videos from yesterdays show on YouTube but there´s nothing yet.
    I´m gonna miss Bob 😦

  4. Seether Freak, a new blog would be great, and you deserve to be the blogger. Nice work. But, a new site that works all the time would be even better!

    Stay true 🙂

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