Seether E-News for 03/19/2010

New Seether E-News update from John! Exciting!! Look at all those tour dates!


Hey Everyone, Johnny here…

How long has it been? Almost a year? That’s crazy and far too long for us to go without playing some shows. If you’ve been a fan of Seether for awhile, you know this band does not take vacations!! We are a touring band and we love being on the road…and 2010 will be the return of SEEEEETHER-R-R_R!!!

Well, that didn’t sound as cool writing it but, just imagine the “Truck and Tractor Pull voice-over guy” doing that “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!” thing. We have been in the studio for the last few weeks with the “mighty” Brendan O’ Brien producing and the new stuff is sounding great! Brendan is the perfect fit for us and working with him has been a blast. So, with us hard at work it’s time for a little “play-time”!! We have some shows starting at the end of April thru May (check website for dates near you!!).

It’s time to let Seether do what we do best…sweat on stage, bang the crap out of our instruments and knock over a few beer bottles, in the process. We are really looking forward to these shows!! We might even have a few surprises in the setlist for you. See you guys out there – We have missed you!

Xoxo, Johnny, Shaun, Dale, and Troy

Presale for Seether’s upcoming headlining tour begins this Wednesday 3/24 at 3 PM local time. Enter the login below to get first access to Seether tickets!

Username: seether
Password: tickets

Upcoming Tour Dates
*Check back soon for more dates in your area

4/29 – Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA – w/ Chevelle ON SALE TODAY

5/1 – Beale Street Music Fest, Memphis, TNGET TICKETS

5/2 – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, TX – Buzzfest – GET TICKETS

5/5 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Atlanta, GAGET TICKETS

5/7 – Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City, OKGET TICKETS

5/11* – Alliant Energy Center Memorial, Madison, WION SALE 3/26 @ 4 PM

5/14 – Husets Speedway, Brandon, SD – KRRO Fest – GET TICKETS

5/15 – Liberty Memorial Park, Kansas City, MO – KQRC Radio Show – ON SALE 3/20

5/16 – National Balloon Classic Field, Indianola, IA

5/18* – La Crosse Center Arena, La Crosse, WION SALE 3/26

5/22** – Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WION SALE 3/27

5/23 – Rock on the Range, Columbus, OH – w/ Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit – GET TICKETS

6/4 – Piere’s, Ft Wayne, INON SALE 3/27

* These dates include Five Finger Death, Hellyeah, Drowning Pool and Lacuna Coil as the opening bands.
**This date includes Hellyeah as the opener.

Follow Seether on Twitter for updates from the road:

Seether Online


ps. My awesome best friend just finished removing a nasty virus from my computer called Antivirus Soft. I couldn’t open any .exe files or get on the internet. It was horrible. It’s one of those sucky hi-jack viruses that tries to get you to download and pay for their program. It doesn’t seem to do anything other than that, thank goodness. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. Thank you, A!!!


6 responses to “Seether E-News for 03/19/2010

  1. I know!! I’ve seen the tour dates! *points repeatedly like a hyper kid at the first date* It’s like 5 hours away from me but I’m more than thrilled it’s in my state at least ๐Ÿ˜€ and the first show so they’re all rested up and looking forward to performing!

  2. I was so excited when I saw new tours dates!! The first concert is on my birthday!! But sadly, I’m too broke to drive to LA BUT then I scrolled down and saw they were coming to Missouri!! I jumped out of my chair, did this very embarrassing happy dance, texted my sister saying we were going to Kansas City, and then something dawned on me…

    May 15th is the day I have to be the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding. Seriously. What kind of shit luck is that?! Gah!

    And yes, I’ve been ranting about this to everyone, lol

  3. I was excited when I found out they were coming to Atlanta… just 3 hours away! Unfortunately, my husband said no to that show! He knows I would leave him for Shaun in a heartbeat! LOL! Guess he wants me far, far away!

  4. Hey hey hey! It was my pleasure! Anytime you need any computer work/image editing work done just call me!

    That’s what total geek friends are for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. FYI — For anyone near the Detroit, MI area there is another Seether show up on Ticketmaster’s site…May 21st => The WRIF Rock Girl Finals featuring Seether. The show also includes Lacuna Coil and Hellyeah. Tickets are on presale, so you’ll need to use the password “rockgirl”.

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