New Concert Dates and Producer for New Album

Uhg. Sorry guys. I guess I missed some news and updates that have been happening with the band.

First off, a posting on under News from 2/15/2010. It was also discussed on the boards.

Seether will apparently be heading into the studio with legendary producer Brendan O’Brien. Brendan has previously worked with quite a few ‘grunge’ era artists such as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Audioslave. Not to mention discs by Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, and Papa Roach. Good luck guys!

Second, there are new tour dates! Officially, it’s been posted on for 05/07/2010 in Oklahomaย City, OK at Zoo Amphitheatre for Kattfest. Also, the board has been talking about Lazerfest 05/16/2010 in Indianola, IN at Indianola Ballroom Grounds.

Thanks to Matt for always having the best updates.

Seether Freak


5 responses to “New Concert Dates and Producer for New Album

  1. Thanks for the updates! My birthday is at the end of April and that concert is only a 5 hour drive…I’m thinking Happy Birthday to me type of present!

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