Cover Wednesday 02/10/2010 – Sympathetic

Do me a favor and listen to the first 50-52 seconds with your eyes closed. Is is just me, or does he sound like Shaun? Like, exactly like Shaun? Gave me goosebumps.

He also covered Tied My Hands, which other than getting the lyrics messed up, sounds great.

Seether Freak


24 responses to “Cover Wednesday 02/10/2010 – Sympathetic

  1. Hey guys thanks for the comments, just got a message from a youtube friend telling me of this site, in honoured you took the time to include me!
    THanks again

  2. Since Im confined to using an acoustic guitar (no band *sigh*) then of the ones you’ve suggested I think I could give Burrito a shot acoustically. But I should probably learn it first before saying this lol!

  3. fingers all better whoop whoop! should have another seether cover ready for saturday, I wonts say what one yet though

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