Ultimate Seether Fan Package

I know some of you don’t read the Seether.com forums regularly, so I wanted to bring this to your attention. Broken Faker is selling a bunch of her Seether merch on Ebay. I really wish I had the $200, but I don’t. Maybe one of you will be so lucky. 🙂 Click on the photo below to take you to the Ebay listing. She has the photo listed as one of the things in the package.

Less than 6 days left, Seetherlings!

Seether Freak


2 responses to “Ultimate Seether Fan Package

  1. Omg… It breaks my heart to read her post. Seriously, it gave me chest pains…
    The amount of $ 200 is close to nothing when considering what she’s selling…
    Too bad I don’t live in the US. I’d easily buy the CD’s and DVD for that price, she could keep the rest of the stuff. Yes, it kills me to even consider buying something she loves that much, but if the items would be shipped to Europe – it would be almost impossible for me to resist.

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