Thinking of You

I had a Seether dream last night. It’s been awhile since I had one. As usual, I was at a Seether concert ( I really need to go to a Seether concert). Afterwards, I got to meet Shaun. He was incredibly sweet and signed something for me. I don’t remember what it was he signed (some kind of paper something or other) but I do remember part of what it said. It said “To all the Seetherlings”. In my dream, I specifically asked him to sign it that way so I could scan it and post a photo of it on the blog to show all of you. I remember thinking in the dream about how I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

See? Even when I’m not posting I’m still thinking about all of you.

At least my subconscious is. 😛

Seether Freak


16 responses to “Thinking of You

  1. LOl.. we all do as well.. think of you that is. I love the picture, Shaun looks so cool with his red hair. I’m sure he will be sweet and kind like in your dream when you meet him. =)

  2. LOL! Don’t you just love awesome dreams? I’ve only had one Seether dream, and it involved me and a girl I use to work with going to one of their shows. We somehow got backstage and she ended up hooking up with Dale and Shaun taught me how to play guitar. Oh, if dreams were only real, lol

  3. What? You haven’t been to a concert yet? What are you waiting for? 😉 It’s pure awesomeness! Hehehe… Seether Freak, if I ever meet Shaun (or anyone from Seether) I PROMISE I’ll ask him/them very nicely to sign something for you to have on this blog. Still, I do hope from the bottom of my heart that you’ll get to meet them yourself. Considering that they stay and play (no pun intended – yeah right, who am I kidding? :P) mostly in the US – your chances are far better than mine.

  4. That sounds like an incredible dream. The whole band is totally sweet, especially Shaun. Trust me, I know from experience 😉 lmao.

    I don’t just think of you, I think highly of you. You post news about Seether that sometimes gets overlooked along with funny photos and cool covers. Plus, you yourself are very kind and do a great job making visitors to your blog feel welcome. ^_^ I’m happy to have found out about this place.

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