Fuse Chronicles Seether

Update on Seether.com today.

01.11.10 Fuse Chronicles Seether
Tune in this Friday, January 15th at 6 PM EST and check out Seether featured on Fuse.TV’s “Chronicles”. Click here for your local broadcast information.


I clicked on the link that it provided and went to the Fuse.com website for the show. One of the things I noticed was in the little box for “TV Schedule” it lists all the episodes for January with a one-line description of that episode. For example, The Avenged Sevenfold episode says “Not one fold or two fold, SEVEN.” But for Seether’s episode it just says “‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces'”. Seriously? That was the best they could do?


Are those words just so profound that they say it all??

Food for thought. 😉

Seether Freak


4 responses to “Fuse Chronicles Seether

  1. I just added that to my DVR this morning! How funny. They actually have quite a few good ones coming up (Foo Fighters, 3DG, My Chemical Romance) but I am THRILLED about the guys being on there! I hope it doesn’t focus so much on FBINS and really starts from the beginning of their careers. Who knows, maybe a little Saron Gas will be added 🙂 Too much to ask perhaps?! 😛

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