Official Videos Private?

Has anyone else noticed that the official Seether YouTube channel has made all of the official Seether music videos (except Breakdown) private? I wonder what the thinking was behind that? You can still watch a few of them on, and of course, there are the pirated versions, but I’m just really curious as to what WindUp’s or whoever’s thoughts were behind doing this. Was there a real reason?

It seems to have happened about a week ago, and I kept thinking it was some kind of error and would go away. Nope.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Seether Freak


3 responses to “Official Videos Private?

  1. there’s a new website vevo, which has the seether videos, I think it was created by the record companies, maybe so as not to have competetion,they removed the videos from youtube

  2. The videos aren’t blocked, they’re just blocked from your country. US only.
    As for VeVo, you’ll find more and more bands using it as the videos are copywritten so you can’t rip them. The bands and labels have the videos for sale on iTunes for a reason.

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