How well do you know Shaun Morgan?

This is a post I’ve been thinking about doing for a while but never got around to doing. Let’s have a little fun.

So how well do you think you know Shaun Morgan? Can you look at a photo and immediately tell it’s him? Usually I can. Take a look at the following two photos. Which one is of Shaun?

Think you know?

Well, it was actually a trick question. Neither photo is of Shaun. Creepy, right? The first photo is of Karl Urban and the second is of John Dirker the lead singer of Track of Time.

There was some discussion about Track of Time on the forums yesterday and today which I thought was interesting. Take a look. I listened to some of their songs and they really do sound like Seether/Saron Gas. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. Is the lead singer trying to be Shaun Morgan? Maybe. 😛

Compare the following two photos. The first is of John Dirker and the second is of Shaun Morgan. You make your own decision.

Seether Freak


10 responses to “How well do you know Shaun Morgan?

  1. I can even tell the name of the movie in the first pic 😉 Actually i have it in my DVD collection. It´s Ghost Ship. Awww, i love Karl Urban since he was Eómer in Lord of the Rings.

  2. I knew the first one wasn’t Shaun, because the face is too thin, but I would have said that the second picture was Shaun. My bad for not looking for the tats!

  3. Ok, wow. The first one I knew wasn’t him, so I was like pfft second one – that’s easy. Then I kept reading and realized that no it was not easy at all, lol

  4. Actually to me the first picture actually remind me of his brother Eugene(R.I.P). The second picture did look like Shaun because of the hair and maybe the scrub-look-a-like shirt, But his tattoos were missing, among other things. It was a good question though 🙂

  5. I could tell which one was Shaun. Because he’s only got thin hair and them daft tattoos, makes spotting him kind of obvious. O_O

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