The Native Noise Collection Vol.1 – The Seether Sessions

I received an email from Paul, the guy from the Native Noise website, and here is what he had to say:

Hey there

I was just checking out – You have some cool content there.
I used to work for Musketeer Records, handling Seether in South Africa. I’ve since moved to London but am currently doing a new project with Musketeer that you may find rather exciting.
We’ve just launched an album called “The Native Noise Collection Vol.1 – The Seether Sessions”
The release has been limited to Southern African territories, but will be available through the same channels as ‘Fragile’.
For more info on the album check out:
I only put the website up this week, so it’s fairly basic at the moment. I plan to add more cool stuff over the next few weeks.
I’d really appreciate it if you can spread the word.
My Native Noise website has a collection of old Seether photos, press releases and articles:
As well as a facebook fan page up here:
Kind regards
He sent me the email on the 4th, but because I suck, I’m not posting about it until today. Luckily, those of you who follow the forums on are already aware of this new album because of solacematt. Here’s the post link.  There is also a 2nd mention in another post about the screensaver that Paul created. Definitely download it. It’s awesome. I have it on my computer right now. There are some photos in it that I had never seen.
Thanks, Paul, for the information about the new album and for the great screensaver!
Seether Freak

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