What song would you recommend?

There is this girl at work that for some reason has decided that I’m the person to ask when she wants to know of a new band or song to listen to. Of course, the first time she asked me I said,ย “Anything by Seether”.

It got me thinking…if someone had never listened to Seether before, what one song would you recommend to them? The one song that you think would make them an instant Seether fan. To make it easy, we’ll just assume that the hypothetical person already likes the type of music that Seether does.

I’ve created a new poll on the sidebar for you all to vote, but please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Seether Freak

Edit: Here’s the results.


13 responses to “What song would you recommend?

  1. Hi! I’m back! ๐Ÿ˜€

    My advice to everyone who want to discover a band, is that start to hear the first CD.

    Fragile shows how Seether was in the beginning, then, with D, DII, Karma and FBiNS you can appreciate the evolution of style and sound.

    I think that much of the best Seether’s songs are in Karma and Effect. Maybe… Tongue, Never Leave, Simplest Mistake, Diseased are good songs to know the music that Seether does. Also Disclaimer (DII) and Fragile contain great songs, of course, but my favourite CD is Karma and Effect. FBiNS was a disappointment for me, I think that Seether can do better songs.

  2. I can’t pick one song! When I saw this post, I immediately opened iTunes and typed Seether into the library search. I looked through all 101 songs I have by them (probably not a lot to all you hardcore fans) but there was no way I was getting close to picking one. I’d love to see the ones all the people who used the poll picked, though.

  3. This is basically what went through my mind.

    Ooo Sympathetic would be a great first song, but then again I’ve been super obsessed with Walk Away From the Sun lately, but what about Never Leave, Cigarettes, Fade Away. I couldn’t forget about The Gift – that’s an all time favorite…so yea, I have no clue. Sorry.

  4. I love Never Leave, but Gasoline was the first song I never knew I loved! Before I knew who or what Seether was, I had heard Gasoline and Driven Under, but didn’t know who sang them. After I saw the light (ha!) it all clicked. I LOVE my new Fragile cd though, and KSM is irght- you do see the progression from then to now. Still makes me laugh when I think about three 20-21 year olds making that album in SA and now here they are โค

  5. Hey, you are back. Missed you, hon!

    Iยดd recommend to listen to Fine again. My fave is Needles though but Fine again is – how can i say this – more of a ear candy ?!!? LOL.

  6. There are so many favorites.. The one I have recommended is Sympathetic to those who don’t like it so grunge, but to those who do I’ve recommended Needles. Those are my all time favorites, among others of course.

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