Wanna Give Shaun Something for His Birthday?

Here’s your chance.

Sounds really awesome but I’m not sure what to do. Anyone else thinking about submitting something to Neurotransmisshaun?

Seether Freak


ps. For those of you who don’t regularly check the Seether.com forum, Shaun has recently posted there twice. Yep…twice. The real him. 😀


14 responses to “Wanna Give Shaun Something for His Birthday?

  1. I’m definitely considering it and I emailed her already to get a better idea what to do. Don’t be shy, she’s super nice 😀 as you can already tell from her wanting to put together a gift for Shaun. I still can’t believe I can help with this! I thought meeting him and the rest of the boys was the high point of the year for me but I think this just totally takes it.

  2. YES!!! AWESOME IDEA!! Oh, I wish I could draw… 😛 (No talent there, unfortunately… XD)

    SeetherFreak: First of all – YOU’RE BACK! ❤ Woo 😀

    Secondly – maybe we (all who read the blog) could do some brainstorming and come up with a list of ideas to help the rest of the Seetherlings out? 😉

      • “…by loving the music, right?”

        Yup, among loving other things…;) Maybe we should warn them that some posts could be described as uh, parental discretion advised? lmao *thinks back to the surprisingly many posts about Shaun’s dildo* <— case in point

  3. I wish I could think of something creative to do because this is such an awesome idea.

    And thank goodness you’re back!!! I’ve missed this blog so much!

  4. I think it’s so cool too..
    but I don’t know if I have a good story to tell.. I mean I have my own reason for liking Seether just as everyone else, but is it interesting enough? I’ll consider it. Anyways welcome back(to all of you).

  5. Hey guys-

    One of your fellow seetherlings sent me an e-mail telling me about this blog. I had no idea it even existed and apologize for not extending the invitation to all of you earlier 😦

    Anyway, for those who don’t know, I am a good friend of Shaun’s and I am putting together a gift for his family for X-mas and Shaun for his birthday. Actually, it is not even fair for me to say “I” anymore being that the final idea for Shaun’s gift had a lot to do with input from fans. The gifts are two separate things but I really hope you all can find some time to contribute. I see some of you commenting about not having a good enough story to tell and I really want to break that train of thought. Some people have sent in a simple “thank you” or a picture of a tattoo. One fan submitted a picture from a concert in the rain but apologized because there were rain spots on it. I personally think that makes it even better because it tells a story and speaks to severe dedication to rocking out rain or shine. Seether doesn’t have to have cured your cancer for your story to be important. Also, you don’t need to be Picasso’s either for the drawing portion. I said to one person that all the living dead dolls would probably prefer being dead if they saw what I created… but it’s not about being the best artist.
    In the end these gifts are for you guys too. I don’t know how many of you have sent emails, photos or what-have-you to the band without any validation that it gets received or read. For being dedicated fans you deserve an opportunity to be heard too. So thats what it is… I can guarantee what you send will be read personally by Shaun and his family. This was never about getting 5 bajillion submissions from anyone who just happens to listen to them on the radio. I really wanted to target people who have been influenced by either Shaun and/or the music and get quality contributions. So with that said understand your submission will be highlighted and not lost in a sea of stuff like you may be used to.
    Please check out the Seether forum (http://community.seether.com/ibb/posts.aspx?postID=272075) I just made a new post under “talking about the band” (I think that is what it is). If it makes it easier I can copy and paste the post in here if you like. Let me know what you guys think, I’ll be checking up on here more often now. Also, email Neurotransmisshaun@gmail.com with any questions/submissions.

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