Search Me

Time to break out the latex gloves. It’s Search Me time again.

  • me and seether – What was this person expecting to find? Literally an article about themselves and Seether? They’re so famous that all they have to do is type in M and E and even Google knows who they are.
  • shaun morgan for cell phones – What? You haven’t heard of the new app for your iPhone? Get with it. 😛
  • dildo/freaky dildos/shaun morgan dildo – I got all three of those in one day. 😯 Gotta love the internet.
  • how to break finger – This one was just creepy. [shudder]
  • shaun morgan of seether has no butt – I about died laughing when I saw this one. Did one of you do this search just so it would show up on this Search Me post?? If you did, I appreciate the laugh. 😀

Seether Freak


13 responses to “Search Me

  1. And as far as the “Shaun Morgan has no butt” one…LOL!!! That’s so funny but so untrue too! Hehehe *giggles like a little schoolgirl* I’m gonna try searching with that too!

  2. ohhh..
    I read recent posts about my same question.. hmmmm… Now I want to know what is the mistery behind the “password protected” post. I am curious.. 😉

  3. LMAO! This is too funny! Thank you SeetherFreak for creating this blog! Thank you from the bottom of my Seether lovin’ heart!! I just found you guys yesterday, but I can honestly say “Wow”!

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