Cover Wednesday 09/09/2009

I’ve said this before…it’s not Shaun (no one can sing Sympathetic like Shaun), BUT it’s still pretty damn good.


Seether Freak


10 responses to “Cover Wednesday 09/09/2009

  1. You know this is my favorite song but I agree with you.. no one sings it like Shaun, his voice is so soothing. Anyways I think he did a pretty good job at singing but i like how he plays his acoustic,gently. have you noticed how Shaun plays the acoustic sort of rough, well this guy is more gentle. which one would you preffer rough or gentle.. lol

  2. Hey thanks for all the comments on my Seether Cover. I enjoyed all of them. Its funny how everybody seems to like something just a little different than the other person.. but thats music I guess. Its enough to drive you crazy if you let it. Example.. I’ve played this song over (?) shit must be over 500 now.. not sure.. but anyhow I have played it so many different ways. I’ve played it rough, soft and have even song soft without much grunge at all. I guess the thing I realize is that its different everytime I play it and it depends on the mood. This particular time, I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to have to tune the 6th string down a whole step. So therefore I just played it using the cowboy chords. But most of the time playing Sympathetic in an alternate tuning leads to more emotion and harder playing.
    I also do quite of few other Seether songs such as Fine Again, Broken, Tied My Hands, Truth, and Driven Under. I do those because they are MY favorite Seether songs. I will be re posting new covers for these songs in the up coming week, so hopefully you can check it out.
    Thanks again for featuring my cover of Sympathetic on your blog. One thing always leads to another. This oportunity has given me a new lead that may possibly turn out to be a great way of getting my music featured.


    Michael Warnock

    • You’re welcome, Michael. Thanks for stopping by the blog and saying hi. Good luck with your music career. I’ll be very interested to hear your cover of Driven Under once you put it up.

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