Videos from the Alaska State Fair

Holy shit! Shaun’s hair!!!! This is worth coming out of break for.

Here are the videos that have been uploaded so far on YouTube from the Alaska State Fair 09/04/2009.

I will update this post with new videos as they come out just like I did with the last couple concerts they played.

Seether Freak

ps. I just might, maybe, possibly have some photos from the concert for you guys. But first I need to get them, and then I need to get permission to upload them. Keep your fingers crossed. If anyone else has photos or video from the concert, please share!

pps. Did you all miss me? 😛


Edit 09/07/2009:

Couple of videos that AK~Seetherling took at the concert. 🙂 Here and here.


Edit 09/11/2009:


9 responses to “Videos from the Alaska State Fair

  1. Okay… That’s definitively not a ponytail. 😛
    Hmm… I guess he can’t hide behind his hair anymore… 😉
    It looks good though…It just proves that he is gorgeous no matter what.

    ps: *fingers crossed*
    pps: YES! 😛

    • I don’t know about the hiding behind his hair thing. It looks like he kept the front long enough it will at least cover his eyes. Shaun will find a way. heehee

      Thanks for missing me! 😀

    • We’ll actually get to see his earrings! 🙂 I can’t decide how I feel about it either. I think once I see some photos and maybe an interview and hear him talk with the hair it will be okay. Then I’ll get used to it.

      I think it’s funny how we’ve all had such a strong reaction to him cutting his hair so short. Even on the forum. It just shows how much Shaun is known for his hair.

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