Cover Wednesday 08/26/2009

This video is making Cover Wednesday because it’s so darn cute. I know I did Remedy last week, but I just couldn’t help myself. You all had to see it.


The band Splitcoil is really awesome. Here’s a video of them covering Rise Above This. It’s really good. I checked out this band a bit. They’re not signed yet, but I bet they will be soon.

Seether Freak


ps. This is the linkto the band’s MySpace page, but they have so much sh*t on there that it takes forever to load (and I have high-speed internet). To the members of Splitcoil…you may want to reconsider your MySpace page setup. You’re just pissing your fans off. I eventually had to give up researching you because it was so annoying. But…your bassist Joe is friggin’ adorable, so he kind of made up for the aggravation. 😉


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