Karaoke Saturday 08/22/2009

Um, yeah. You see what the guy is holding in this weeks video? “Cool!” “A violin!” “Something different!” That’s what you’re thinking, right? [sigh] Yeah, I did that too.

Instead…prepare for your ears to bleed and your skin to crawl. And to top it off, he somehow manages to get worse and worse and worse. And worse. I double dog dare you to watch the whole thing.

This guy is not getting a courage award. He’s getting a friggin’ seven-foot tall trophy.  o.O  ‘Cause it’s soooo much wooorse…than just your bad voice.

Seether Freak


ps. Did you notice what he did before he turned off the camera? The poor guy is delusional.


10 responses to “Karaoke Saturday 08/22/2009

  1. Against my better judgement…I took the dare. Sweet lord. Not only do I want to just put duct tape over his mouth, but possibly duct tape his ass in one spot. I was getting dizzy just by watching him, lol

    You’re welcome for the link! I was trying to make something cool, but the program on my computer sucks, lol

    • LOL. I know. I just wanted to grab him and shake him silly while screaming, “Stand still!”

      It looks really great. Way better than I could ever have hoped for. Most people would just put it with there links, but no, you had to go and be all awesome and create an icon for it. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. That´s a good laugh. Esp. when he kicks that guy out of the room. LOL!
    The violin sounds like my cat when i ran over her accidentely.

      • I felt so guilty!! She wasn´t injured but the noise she made was just awful! It was early in the morning and i was still so tired and i was walking downstairs to my parents appartment. (My niece lives in the basement, my parents on first floor and i on second floor) It was quite dark and all of a sudden i hit something. I was like “damn, why did Dad leave his shoes here” when i heard the noise. Well, it was the cat…She must have had a little shock; i guess she was asleep when i ran over here. So now, when i walk downstairs in the morning, i turn on the lights. But the cat usually spends the night outside and i never saw her again so early.

  3. I took the dare. I never learn. 😛 While watching this I thought of two things: 1) “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” as I shaked my head, and 2) “OUCH…” – when he started playing (?) the violin…

    Well, violin raping/singing dude – if you read this, sorry for this biatch’s opinion… But that must be one of the worst covers I’ve heard in a loooong time. Perhaps THE worst. Ever. He must have a pair of cojones, or else he wouldn’t have dared to post that… Although, I’m still dumbstruck every time people post (let’s face it: bad) covers and believe they do a great job… WHY don’t they LISTEN to it BEFORE posting it? *facepalm*

    Normally bad covers are amusing to watch – but this one made me a bit depressed (and dizzy – the man bounced around like a 4-year old). :O 😛

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