Shaun Makes A Fan’s Day

I found a few photos of Shaun on some fan’s Bebo (?) page. I guess she ran into him at some restaurant. There isn’t much information and no date was given, but based on the hair and the lack of tattoos it was from a while ago. Below are the two best photos. Here’s the link to her page if you want to see the third photo of her and Shaun.

The first photo was captioned, “We were all eating at Roscoe’s in Sturgis, so I took a pic of him and i was all excited!! KEWL HUH??”

The second photo was captioned, “I told SHAUN, I have to take a picture of you riding in my CAR! he was laughing, it was so kewl….”  The photo looks like it was taken while the car was moving and Shaun is wearing his seatbelt, so I guess that means that this lucky fan got to give Shaun a ride somewhere. Which brings up the question…what happened to his car?


Seether Freak


13 responses to “Shaun Makes A Fan’s Day

  1. Hmm.. you know that the lady in the third picture is the fan.. This first person who looks like she’s not enjoying herself is not mentioned. I wanted to know who she was and went through her pictures but she doesn’t come up again. Also the third picture say “Shaun and I hungover, survived a week of rally work”.. What do you think it means?

    • First question: It’s possibly someone Shaun knows. Other than that, I have no idea.

      Second question: The third picture is captioned “Shaun-SEETHER and I, I felt hungover, survived week of rally work, long days and short nights!!” Essentially, it says that the photo is of her and Shaun. Then it says SHE felt hungover after a week of rally work. Not that Shaun was hungover and had done a week of rally work with her. Silly girl. There were commas in the caption’s sentence. 😛

  2. Sorry I question too much, I should just enjoy the pictures. I am just a very curious person. I would of loved to see Shaun at arestaurant, I would like to ask him so many questions. Anyways thanks to Lori and her pictures. =)

  3. Your right.. oops.. I need to get some sleep. Thank you though. Okay I’m going to sleep for like 24 hrs.. lol. Sorry Family..

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