MTV’s Rock Band Tour Interview

This is the video I told you about yesterday.

The most polite way to play!!!! Funniest line EVER! LOL


Anyone ever been on a tour bus? A real one that a real band was using to tour? Ever hung out/partied with a band on their tour bus?

Seether Freak


14 responses to “MTV’s Rock Band Tour Interview

  1. That´s another one of my fave.
    If Shaun drums like a 3 yrs. old than i drum like a 1 yr. old cuz i got less rhythm than a fly. LOL. Even my teacher in school told me to NEVER touch a drumkit again cuz i sucked!
    Oh well, i sucked on the guitar as well…

  2. That makes 4… I play percussion in my high schools marching band…. Sad thing is I suck so bad they won’t even let me march…. I have to stand on the sidelines the whole time.

  3. Well I haven’t tried playing the guitar or the drums but it would be a good Idea. I was being taught to play the piano when I was small but I need more classes. I loved it a lot, I am going to continue it. I also played the flute in my elementary and was pretty good. I also was the lead in my church choir when I as 16. I don’t want to sound arrogant but I guess I sort of have a talent with music. I hope i am as good with the piano.

  4. Well in High school there was “The band ” that all students concidered celebrities.. only in school though. They didn’t have a lead singer and I don’t think they needed one, the guitarist was pretty good at singing. Anyways they were going to play one last song before we all graduated, I knew them very well. Anyways They were playing Creep by Radiohead, but they needed someone to sing the song and the guitarist didn’t really fit or want to sing it. Well you guys know where I am going with this, I don’t sing really well but they seem to think I could pull off the song. Well it was a rush and I loved the experience. That song sounds great Live.. specially the guitar.

  5. Ohh and no, I don’t play in a band and I don’t really see myself as a band member. I don’t sing well. Maybe if I learn how to play the piano well I would be part of a band. As of now all I want is to do is finish my education and meet Shaun morgan one day. Those are my ambitions for now. =)

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