Spanky McGee Interview

Thank goodness for Eve. She sent me an email yesterday with a link to the below video. She wanted to make sure that I had seen it because she thought it might be good for the blog. Well, I had seen it. It’s friggin’ hilarious. It’s not one of those videos you forget. In fact, I remembered it so well that I thought I had done a post about it. But I guess I didn’t, since I couldn’t find it on the blog. Ooops. 😯 I think maybe the tour bus tour (ha-ha) was part of another video that I posted about. (Nope, I don’t seem to have posted about it. Guess what tomorrow’s post is going to be about.)

So thanks to Eve, you’re getting a post about it now.

There’s just so much to laugh and joke about in this video. I want all of you to have fun pointing out all the crazy things that the guys do and say in it.

So, what’s your favorite funny thing from the video? Leave a comment, Seetherlings.

Seether Freak

ps. Thanks Eve! 😀

pps. If I did do a post about this, please let me know. I like to know when I’ve been a complete doof. You know, first thinking I posted something, then thinking I didn’t post it but I really had posted it. Crazy! I’ve written so many posts now (224), that I can’t keep track of them all in my head.  

Now after reading all that, don’t forget to comment on the video. 🙂


8 responses to “Spanky McGee Interview

  1. I luuuuuuuuuv this video. LOOOOOL. My favorite scene is probably when Shaun is “playing” violin. ROFL. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I love this interview. All the guys cutting up is hilarious! I think Shaun Mogan is the best singer/songwriter at this time, he has a great voice…….mmmmmmmmmmm yummy…lol

  2. WOOT!
    I’m so glad you all liked it.. I thought it was pretty hilarious. I watched it like five times. My favorite part is when he says “that’s it men, this is our crib.. Haha! you like how I threw that in there”. He’s so funny, Shaun has an amazing sense of humor. Plus he looks cute. Anyways enjoy you guys I hope you guys watch it over and over.. I know I am =)

    btw.. Nice title.. spanky Mcgee.. LOL

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