Cover Wednesday 08/12/2009

This week’s Cover Wednesday post is by the lead singer of a little band called Yesternight’s Decision. I found a cute little blurb on their MySpace page, so I’m gonna post it for you.

  • Yesternight’s Decision plays rock songs. We live in a town that does not like rock songs. We play them anyway. Here’s how a typical night goes. We play rock songs that people know, along with several of the songs that we wrote. The songs are awesome. Bradley dances and wears a top hat. Ru can’t believe that Blake told that stupid joke. Blake laughs at it anyway. Bill amazes everyone and makes girls swoon. Ice Ice Baby gets thrown into the mix. The end.

Sounds like a fun night, right? Life of a rockstar. 😛

Enjoy the video. He sounds pretty good.  And here’s the link to the Ice Ice Baby they’re talking about in the above blurb if you want to hear it. Brings back memories of junior high.

Seether Freak


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