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Search Me time again!

  • seether blog+seether freak/seether freak blog – These people were definitely looking for me. Woo-hoo!
  • huldra tattoo – Huldra, you’re so famous someone wanted a tattoo of you! 😉  So…I had to google to see why you were famous, and this is what I found. You chose an awesome nickname, Huldra! 🙂
  • shaun morgan personal email – haha. Good luck finding that online. But if you do happen to find it…
  • shaun morgan hospital – This one was not funny. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it. I immediately started researching to make sure Shaun was okay. 😦 I thought someone knew something I didn’t and something had happened to him. He’s fine. 😀
  • youtube dildo – Yeah, this one showed up after several weeks of nothing even remotely funny popping up (heehee…popping up). It gave me quite the chuckle.
  • broken finger nickname – Hmmmm, what should I name my broken finger? Hubert? McCrackin?

It’s rare anymore for me to get an unusual search term that directs people to my blog. I’m not really sure why. And I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. I’m mostly getting a lot of Seether blog and searches for whatever is currently going on with Seether like rock fest cadott wi. They’re just not funny.

B-U-T…what IS happening is that the blog is spreading throughout the internet for what it really is, a fan’s blog about the band Seether, and that’s a good thing.

Seether Freak

p.s. Seether is made of awesome!


18 responses to “Search Me

  1. Hahah… ^^ Norwegian folklore ❤ I've been called a hulder way too many times (no, I don't have a cow's tail or abnormal skin on my back XD), so I decided to accept the nickname and use it. 😛 …and hoping nobody would think I'm conceited or figure out the meaning of the name. Oh well… 😛

    Broken finger nickname? How come that lead to this blog? :O 😛 Because of Shaun's broken finger perhaps…?

    • I think it’s an awesome nickname.

      Yes, because of Shaun’s broken finger. I get lots of hits every day because of that post I did about when he broke his finger. That is my most viewed post. Sadly, most of these people don’t stick around. 😦 They weren’t looking for anything Seether related, just pictures of a broken finger.

  2. I think the hospital one may be from when he got those chest pains on stage and they took him to the hospital. That’s my guess.

        • Just read the message board, and owww maaah gaaad – I can’t join that place. EVER. I’d be so friggen angry at some of the people there. No wonder people fight there. Although, Towelie’s a cutie… “melvyn, jus get litle high wit towelie” *LOL*

          Kudos to Shaun, at least he tried. If I’d been at that show, all I’d care about is the band’s health. As long as they’re healthy, you could catch another show. So what’s her problem? She shouldn’t bitch about driving for 1,5 hour… That’s seriously nothing. I’d LOOOVE to be able to drive for 1,5 hour to see them. I drove for 15 minutes to a train station, took the train 40 more minutes to the airport, waited there for three hours before boarding the plane to England, which took approximately another two hours, then a new round of waiting for the bags and such – catching a cab to the hotel and then waiting for the next evening. And that biiiatch dares to say she’s “the biggest Seether fan”? She lives in America – they play there ALL THE TIME. I actually don’t think they’ve even been to Norway. I know they were in Stockholm, Sweden once (yeeears ago),(approximately a 8 hour drive from where I live) – I wanted to go – but I couldn’t, my parents wouldn’t let me because the show was in the middle of the week (I was a teenager back then – in school and all). If they’d return to Sweden, I’d go without hesitance. Same goes for the rest of Scandinavia, most of GB and parts of Europe (As long as I don’t have to work or have any exams). I’m flexible. 😛 And I wouldn’t even dare to say “I’m the biggest fan” (first of all – I’m a size small XD) I’d rather say I’m a dedicated fan (I am not a groupie, or a fanatic fan – I’m just plain dedicated). I know I’m not the only one.

          Rant, rant, rant… 😉

          • I loved Dolly’s reply to Melwayne’s bitch. “I vote we lock up melwayne & 2worldsapart together inside a big clock just to see which cuckoo would pop out 1st.” heehee. I would be upset about not getting to see a full show too, but…at the same time, those people were at a historic Seether concert. If I remember correctly, that’s the only show that Seether started but didn’t finish. Melwayne can say she went to THAT concert.

            I shall never doubt your dedication. 😉

  3. AH! I live for the “Search Me” posts, as sad as it sounds. They’re always laugh-out-loud funny. I’ve gotten some interesting looks due to my spontaneous bouts of laughter.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I always wonder what exactly my regular readers were searching for when they found my blog.

      Haven’t heard from you in a while, Des. How’ve you been?

  4. Your welcome, I’m ok, I just posted another comment before reading this for today’s post.
    I will probably be out of touch this week due to computer upgrades at work so I had to get it all in today!.

  5. OMG.. I didn’t know that Shaun went to the hospital, That sucks. Also I don’t know what is huldra talking about? Some girl saying she is a seether fan and complaining. I agree with huldra though I live in America, and I would drive, fly, whatever it takes to see them. I am just waiting for them to come a little closer to me. Anyways if someone is complaining then maybe she should of never gone in the first place, we don’t need fake people. I hope Shaun takes better care of himselve.. sorry I’m all over the place..

    • Read the comment I left with the link to the forums. That should explain everything.

      And Huldra was taking about a comment someone left on the forum. If you read through the whole thing, you should find it.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

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