Shaun presenting at the Billboard Music Awards

Have I posted about this video before? I can’t remember. Either way, it’s today’s post. 😀

Shaun’s accent is so strong in this video. How many of you have noticed that his accent seems to be slowly diminishing?


Seether Freak


Edit: This video is originally from . Make sure you check out the website. Matt has amazing Seether stuff. Thanks, Matt. 🙂


22 responses to “Shaun presenting at the Billboard Music Awards

  1. He is just as gorgeous without facial hair as with (and omg – he is _TALL_).
    Yes, the accent is slowly disappearing, but doesn’t he live in the US? I wish he’d keep the accent, I like it. It makes him exotic. XD

  2. Finally! I saw it.. wow he sounds super hot! I love how he said ‘year’ with his accent. I still can hear his acent but not as much as in this video. Also he looks taller, I think it’s because he is thinner in the video. He also looks really young… Either way he is still super hot. =)

    • Shaun looked so young for so long. It’s just been within the past 2 years or so that he has started to look more “manly”. I still think Dale looks like a little boy. I don’t know why. It’s all just my opinion.

  3. yeah I also noticed he has less of an accent now. No way Ryan Seacrest is 5’8”. The AIdol contestants who are teenagers tower over him.

  4. He does make Mr. Seacrest look like a Midget. But I guess I would as well, Im almost the same height as Mr. Welgemoed. When I met Shaun I thought he would be larger, But he is actually thinner in person. And not quite as tall as I expected. Hmm?

    • Okay, I just need to verify. Are you female? Because I thought you were because you said you were on the boards.

      If you are…then it must be awesome to be a tall woman. It sucks being short (I’m only 5’1″).

      If you’re not…then I’m sorry for thinking you were a female, and it’s great to have some testosterone on the blog. 🙂

    • You’re right, Matt. I’m sorry. I should have given you credit for it. When I find a video on YouTube, sometimes I forget to check your site to see if it’s on there. If you ever find anything else on my blog that I need to give you credit for, please let me know. 🙂

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