‘Cause the horror of this one couldn’t wait until next Saturday. It’s just wrong.

And he’s 33-years-old!


If you’re up for another laugh/barf, check out this video. Some people should not be allowed to have technology. Or dress-up clothes.

Seether Freak


p.s. If he wasn’t such an obvious douche, I’d totally wanna grab me some that hair. Yank, yank. 😉  [sigh] I love long hair on guys.


p.p.s Okay, after watching several more of his videos, I’m starting to like the guy. He’s a complete goofball. I love a good goofball.


13 responses to “Karaoke…Now

  1. Normally I’m able to at least get to the chorus in a song, even if the song (or, in this case, the theatrics) is absolutely dreadful. However, I cut it off at 52 seconds…This was a humorously traumatizing experience, if that’s possible. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Oh.my.God. You are so right. He´s a douchebag. But: kudos for the hair 🙂 Me loves men with long hair too, esp. if the hair is dark. *droooooool*

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