John Humphrey’s Interview with Swank Trendz

A great interview with John done by Shane Christensen of Swank Trendz on December 15, 2007.


john pic


Part 1.

Part 2.








Seether Freak


14 responses to “John Humphrey’s Interview with Swank Trendz

  1. That’s a great interview, buuuut…

    I didn’t know about that review. It’s this one, right?

    I’m flabbergasted. Utterly and completely. In the worst possible way. That’s the worst crap I’ve ever read! It’s a hit in the groin and completely uncalled for. I LOVE THAT ALBUM (and the other albums as well). I’M SO F**KING MAD RIGHT NOW. Seriously boiling, seething right now. WHY did that jerk have to compare Shaun’s voice to Kroeger’s?! THERE’S NO SIMILARITY. They don’t sound the same. Anyone with a pair of functioning ears can hear that! End of story.
    …And mentioning the Evanescence song? I thought his job was to LISTEN TO “FBINS” AND WRITE A F’ING REVIEW, not bringing up Shaun’s PRIVATE LIFE, (or his appearance), that break-up is a part of his past, if he could move on, why does this Brian Hiatt-creep-o have to dwell in it? It’s none of his business anyway. Even though Shaun is the front man of the band, he alone isn’t Seether. Do you catch my drift? (I’m too angry to think straight in English, and I doubt you’d understand my rambling in my mother tongue.) Brian Hiatt didn’t attack Seether, he made a personal one-way “vendetta” against Shaun – and I find that completely repulsive.

    Brian Hiatt, that pathetic SOB, deserves a bitch slap.
    The Rolling Stone Magazine is now officially on my shit-list. :@

    • Huldra, you are awesome. I completely agree with everything you said. I read that a long time ago and was shocked at how some people are so rude. If you read more FBINS reviews, lots are like that. Its pretty bad. Personally i love FBINS. Maybe we should write a review since we know it rocks 🙂

      • I agree. Huldra rocks. \m/

        If anyone wants to write their own review of FBINS, email it to me and I’ll post it on the blog. Also, if anyone ever feels inspired to write a post of their own about anything Seether/Saron Gas related, email that to me and I’ll post it. Any questions about this? Email me about it.

        I wouldn’t mind having the occasional guest writer on the blog. 🙂 We are a big family after all.

        seetherblog at gmail dot com

      • Haha 😛
        Yeah… Although, most people shouldn’t bother reading the reviews because they know that the stereotypic reviewer dishes out shaaait because of pent up frustration over that HE (or a she) never had enough talent to make it. “If you can’t be a rock star, become a reviewer!”

        I normally don’t read any types of album/band reviews, because I actually like music (and I get easily provoked by stupid, ignorant people – especially those who throw dirt at the things I love). So I’m not going to search for more reviews, because I KNOW it’s a great album, so I don’t want to feel sorry for the reviewers who wouldn’t know what good music was, even if it jumped up and bit them in the nose.

        What’s the point of reviews anyway? Aren’t we supposed to make up our own opinions about things? Or do the media believe that nobody can think for themselves anymore? I’m still pissed off, so excuse me, please don’t get offended. Journalism nowadays = gossip and bullshaaaait (and attempts of brainwashing everyone into liking pop and rap).

    • I was pretty pissed off the first time I read it too. The review makes NO sense. I just figured the writer is an idiot, and whoever hired him at Rolling Stone is an idiot.

      Bitch slap, indeed. 🙂

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  3. I love how we all stick together.. I honestly haven’t read the review and don’t plan to either. There is no use in listening to an Idiot write stupid crap and getting me all worked up for nothing, I have better things to do. All of you ROCK! I am proud of being part of this family =)

  4. I feel bad for Shane Christensen, a fabulous writer, as the original site shut down after 6 years. However, almost every article published, is still available for reading on Swanktrendz’s myspace and blogspot sites.

    Part 1 of the John Humphrey / Shane Christensen interview is here:

    and part Two of the interview is here:

  5. BTW Someone asked, what is the point of reviews? I know that I started reviewing bands on my blog as I was sick and tired of major magazines only reviewing people who had already pulled in a ton of money. I wanted our local and national bands to get as much press and attention as those bands, Yet, I would always remain honest and loyal, So, just because I am going to review a gig or album does not mean I am going to gush and/or lie about the performance. I know music and I know what to expect. To the same poster You are right – I wish I could sing and not have stage fright, but I am sure there are people out there who wish they could make a living from journalism as I do. Such is life.

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