Miss She La Photography

I found some more Seether photos! Click on the first photo to take you to the site.



dale and troy

Dale and Troy

There’s also a photo here and another here.

Lots of photos of Scotty, too. Coolness!

Seether Freak


8 responses to “Miss She La Photography

      • As always? 😉

        I’m laughing my ass off every time I look at that picture. Seriously, Shaun’s expression is AWESOME! Hah, I should print it out and hang it above my bed, then I’ll at least be in a good mood every morning when I wake up (no dirty thoughts now, girls) ^^

        Aaaaand – I don’t know if you noticed, but look at the blue thing behind him – the word is covered up a bit, so it spells “ass”… (I’m tired and easily amused :P)
        Haha… Good night, everyone ^^

        • ME!? Dirty thoughts!? As if. 😉

          I love Shaun’s expression and posture in the photo, too. It reminds me of a first-grader getting his photo taken for student of the month. “Hey, look at me! I’m strung out on pixie sticks.”

          I didn’t notice the “ass” until you said, and it made me laugh so hard when I saw it. Huldra, I think we have a very similar sense of humor.

          • Pixie sticks? Is that something american? :p It sounds like candy. Or something found in adult toy shops… But no first graders would have something to do with the second option.. At least I hope not… 😛

            Haha… Well, we do like a lot the same music – so it’s not _that_ strange if the humor part is pretty similar as well. 😛

            *smiley overdose* 😀 😀 😀 Gaaahaaad, I shouldn’t drink redbull and latte at night. -.- I never learn. Ever. 😛

  1. “a sugary powder inside a paper tube. for people who can’t afford crack.” HAHA!!! XD Best. Definition. Ever.

    No, we definitely don’t have Pixy Sticks here. We have something a bit similar, as we call “bruspulver” (directly translated as “soda powder”- but that just sounds weird) which crackles in your mouth and something we call “hockeypulver” (pulver = powder in English), but other that than Norwegians normally eat chocolate (Norwegian Freia milk chocolate – mmmmmm <3) chips/crisp or European/Scandinavian candy… Although, we do have M&M's (<3) and we got skittles a couple of years ago (but most people think it tastes too artificial). Hah… This was a funny topic btw. 😛 I feel like adding that I don't really eat much candy, so I don't exactly feel deprived of anything… 😛

    Heey… Wait a second… Wonka? Like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory? I thought that was pure fiction.. :O

    • Bruspulver kinda sounds like our pop rocks.


      And yes…just like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Okay, not really. Some candy manufacturer just took over the name. 😦 But let’s pretend it’s real, because life is boring without a little bit of fantasy. 😉

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