Tunnel Vision

Seether – Tunnel Vision. Very cool video by Brian Adler.

There’s some kooky backstage stuff at the beginning of part 1. “Does it taste like ass?” 😯 Followed by Shaun’s vocal warm-up. lol

Beginning of part 2, I’m still not sure if that’s a tear or sweat. 😦


Seether Freak


5 responses to “Tunnel Vision

    • You are welcome. It really is a great video. I hadn’t watched it for a while before doing this post, and I had forgotten how good it was.

  1. I must agree this is one of the best posts. I love when Shaun said ” I miss when you can have an emotional responce..when you hear someone singing and your stomach gets in a knott”.. The reason I love this is because that’s exactly how I feel… Everytime I hear a song by Seether I get this knott in my throat and I get a shivers all over. Maybe because I can relate to what he says so much or because I can feel his emotion. I honestly love the way he sing, with his heart.

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