Best Story EVER!!

I’ve been emailing back and forth today with one of my invisible readers. She’s not invisible to me anymore, but she is still invisible to you. Maybe this post will coax her out of lurker status. No pressure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway…she told me the best meet-the-band story EVER! First, make sure you’ve seen this postย before proceeding.

Here it is in her words:


“But this last time I met them it was the best!
I mean here I was just talking to Troy and Shaun and then…wait I KNOW you saw that video of Shaun throwing his dildo into the audience,right??!?
Well as I was saying there I was just talking to the two of them then all of a sudden we hear this girl shouting on her cell phone to some other chick “OH MY GOD,I CAUGHT SHAUN MORGANS DILDO!!”
We just looked at each other and started loosing it!! Then Shaun says “As if I didnt look and sound gay enough..!”
Now those are the kind of memories im talking about!!”


Oh my, God! I just about died laughing when I read it. The story is perfection. Somebody really did catch the dildo!!

Seether Freak


11 responses to “Best Story EVER!!

    • Haha. That’s for sure. Although, he’s pretty infamous for his gay jokes. Shaun is very secure in his manhood.

  1. Hahahaha That was the funnist thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing! And welcome Sam to the SeetherBlog Family ๐Ÿ™‚

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