Shaun’s Page Needs a New Photo

Yep, just like the title says, Shaun’s page, here on the blog, needs a new photo. He doesn’t really look like this right now, but it sure is a hot photo of him. Maybe I should just keep this photo on his page [salivating]…mmmm…yes…yes…wait…no…no… Okay, I’m back! Yes, a new photo is needed. 😉 hehehehehe

shaun 4

So…a-updating-we-will-go. And I would really like everyone’s help on it. Pretty please. 🙂 Start scouring the internet, Seetherlings.

The photo should be:

  • newer
  • preferably of Shaun playing guitar or singing but it’s not absolutely required

Email me (seetherblog at gmail dot com) with your choice by Friday, 7/24 (I’ll update on this post when no more entries are allowed). I’ll pick and upload the photo on Saturday. Also, please make sure you send me the link of where you got the photo from. Best photo will be the new one on Shaun’s blog page.

Whoever wins will get credit for finding the photo, so if you want me to link your name to something (your myspace, youtube, blog, etc), include it in the email.

If this goes well, we may do the other guys’ pages! Exciting! 😉

Seether Freak


Update: No more entries.


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