Karaoke Saturday 7/18/2009

Good morning, everyone! It’s our very first Karaoke Saturday post, and I think I chose a doozy for our first video.

The four of you have been awarded the courage award. [applause]


Now for comments… 

 comment : Out of tune. *shudder* Out of sync. *cringe* Owww…it hurts!

 comment: Keep practicing, guys. Your Korn cover was decent. 🙂


Ready, Seetherlings? Let the commenting begin! I expect 15 snarky comments since there were 15 yesses on the poll. I’m not kidding. Don’t make me show you how much I’m not kidding.


Seether Freak



ps. If you feel the need to cleanse your ears after listening to that…this is how it’s done, biatches! 😀

I hadn’t watched this in a while. I forgot how good it was. Oh boy! I’m feelin’ the love. Uh oh! I can’t contain it…




14 responses to “Karaoke Saturday 7/18/2009

  1. Haven´t watched a cover video for ages and this one made my ears bleed 😉
    I watched it on the YouTube site and i can only second this comment: booooooooooooooooooooooo

    Continue with the Benjamin Button movie now which is a little bit too long for me. Had to pause it to look online for some distraction.

  2. LOL.. I found it very funny in a way. I kept laughing everytime the guy in the camera would show the toilettes, he even made shaun laugh.. It was cute. I like it =)

  3. It was um…interesting to say the least…. It was almost unrecognizable…. It was pretty bad.. sorry guys better luck next time!

  4. Btw.. I thought it was a good rehersal, Of course there wasn’t the electric guitar’s amp to make the sound effect happen but Shaun’s voice still sound great and Dale,John, Troy were awesome as well. Over all I think it was good.. it was a rehersal after all.

    • Eve, have you decided to be anonymous now? 😉

      I don’t think we’re talking about the same video. The Karaoke Saturday video that was really bad was the first one with the four guys in the dark room.

      The 2nd video of Seether in the bathroom was to cleanse your ears. I love that video. One of my favorites of Seether playing live.

      Did we have a miscommunication? Sorry if we did. 🙂

  5. sorry I was writting from my school’s computers.. it froze then it started acting up… sorry for the misunderstanding.. =)

    • I figured something wierd must have happened. You must’ve thought I was insane writing bad stuff about a Seether practice session. lol

  6. Yeah.. I was all like “WHAT!!!!” but then i didn’t want to sound mean but I was defending the band. LOL… that was funny.

  7. I feel kind of sorry to say this, but the vocals were the “best” part… Did they listen to this before uploading it? I REALLY want to know…

    To the cover band: Better luck next time, guys…

    • LOL. I’m sorry, Huldra, but I really don’t think you’ll ever get an answer to your question.

      It is kind of sad when the bad vocals are the best part of the video. 🙂

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