John’s Interview with

Short little interview with John.

If I could only meet and get to know one band member of Seether, it would be John. He’s so cool and down to earth. The other guys are too, but John is more so. Even though he’s now a famous drummer he still seems like an average, normal guy.

You rock, John!

If you could only meet and get to know one band member of Seether,ย who would you choose? It can be any band member past or present,ย and you would only get to be friends with them. No hanky-panky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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9 responses to “John’s Interview with

  1. hmmm.. Of course I would love to be Shaun’s friends, that’s all I ask. Other than him the closes one to him would be David Draiman(disturbed) or Chad Turton(nickleback). No one would be better that Shaun though.. He once said if you want to get to know me listen to my songs. His songs are the reason why, I would love to be his friend.

  2. Hmm, thatยดs a tough question. Shaun or Dale. Just because both of them seem to be very funny guys. And humor is always the first thing that attracts me to men. Esp. if they have the same kind of humor as i have. LOL.

    • If you’re basing your answer on humor, I can definetely see how it would be hard to choose between Shaun and Dale. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, what’s up. I haven’t been around in a while. Busy with College and all, but I still read from time to time. Anyway…

    I’ve met Shaun twice and Dale once, and though they were very, very cool.

    I’ve yet to meet John, but I do have his autograph and have had a fan question answered by him, which was hosted by Wind-Up. A friend got my CD signed by the whole band and she said”Please sign it to John” Dale said”I guess since John is an expert on that name he should sign it TO John from John.”

    So, yes Dale discussed me once with me being present. haha

    But the one band member I’d say I would like to be good friends with is John. Why? 1. Because we share the same name and we seem to have similar personalities. Laid back and could probably talk about anything.

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