Karaoke Saturday?

Hey everyone! How’s it goin’? Good. I had a job interview today (technically yesterday). I posted a little bit about it on the Seether.com boards, so take a look here if you want to see what a fool I made of myself.

So speaking of making a fool of one’s self…Huldra suggested an idea for the blog, and I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on it. She has a cute idea, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. Here’s what she suggested:

**Ooops! After I posted this I realized the above sentence made it sound like I was saying Huldra made a fool of herself by suggesting the idea, but seriously, I meant the people doing the crappy covers. **


Actually, while we’re on the subject of horrible… Why not have “Karaoke Friday” with the WORST Seether covers? I’ve already seen some very “good” (horribly tone deaf) candidates on YouTube… Well, some people might think it’s a bit mean, but people posted the (let’s be honest) terrible covers for a reason, right? They wanted others to see it… Why not award their courage? ^^ It’s all in good fun.


Huldra, I loved your title, but I decided to change it to Saturday only because I thought Friday was too close to Wednesday. This way the cover posts are spread out a bit over the week. Anyway, back to Karaoke Saturday.

I’m not good at being “mean” to people. In fact, I’m more of a pom pom and “YOU CAN DO IT!” kind of girl. So if I’m going to do this, I’ll need everyone’s participation.

My idea for it is I would find a really bad Seether/Saron Gas cover. Anything will be allowed, including lip syncing and instrument-only covers. Then you all can post comments. Lots and lots of comments. You can say whatever you want about the video. How it can be improved. How much it sucked. How much it made you laugh. Something witty. Whatever.

So let me know what you think and also if you have any ideas for how the idea could be improved to make it more fun and interactive.

Vote below if you want a weekly Karaoke Saturday post. I’ll need at least 10 yesses to go ahead with it and a promise that you WILL participate. 😛



Seether Freak

ps. When I feature someone’s cover on the Cover Wednesday posts, I always leave a comment on the YouTube video to let them know about it. Do you think I should leave comments to let the people know they were “featured” on Karaoke Saturday? LOL


5 responses to “Karaoke Saturday?

  1. You didn’t say that on the job interview?! *facepalm* XD Well, at least you’re honest… 😉 I wouldn’t want to work with dumb people either… I had a job interview today, and the lady asked me if I was famous(!)… :O I managed to prevent myself from laughing, but it sure as hell wasn’t easy… XD

    • You’re doing the job interview thing too, huh? SUCKS. Can’t wait till it’s over.

      What in the world would make her ask if you were famous?! Crazy. 😯

      • Well, she didn’t exactly come across as someone who listens to “alternative” music, metal or rock… So when she read my CV and saw “band manager” (It was a looong time ago, don’t ask…) and “songwriter” she kind of freaked out… Norway is known for its black metal, but most of the black metal artists are dressed up so to speak and therefore “anonymous” to most people unless you’re a diehard fan… So perhaps she thought I was a black metaller? I sort of look like that; black clothes, long hair, pale skin and my voice is soar and hoarse from singing and screaming (in a band, not black metal though – again, don’t ask :P) so I could understand her – but it’s still hilarious… I think she found me interesting though… 😛

        Yep, looking for a job… *hooray* 😛

        • I feel like I have to explain something… I’m not always hoarse – working on a demo and kind of too lazy/distracted/busy to warm up first… Stupid, really. Well, whiskey & absinth helps. 😛 SKÅL! (cheers!) 😉

          • Your life sounds really interesting. Mine is beyond boring. 🙂 Good luck finding a job. When will you hear back about whether or not you got the job for the interview you just went on?

            And good luck and have fun with the demo you’re recording. That sounds really exciting! Are you and your man in the same band?

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