What did you do Saturday night?

What did I do on my Saturday night? Well, I spent about an hour and a half going through my old posts and updating them with video embeds instead of links. And you know what? I had a really good time doing it. It was so much fun re-watching all those Seether videos I had posted about.

Does anyone else ever go back through the old posts? I highly recommend it if you’re bored or just needing a Seether fix. 🙂

Seether Freak


p.s. That post makes me sound like a complete bore, but I did do other things with my Saturday night. Dinner, shopping, movie. I also finished the 2nd half of my outline for my next novel while listening to I’ve Got You Under My Skin on repeat for two hours. It was insane. It took me two weeks to finish the first half of the outline because I was having a hard time coordinating my thoughts. Then I decide to listen to Seether while I write, and the rest of the outline (plus corrections)  just pours out of me. Awesome! Seether, my inspiration. I should have known. 😉


16 responses to “What did you do Saturday night?

  1. I love re-reading the old posts and watching the videos. I’ve probably gone back through them 5 or 6 times. Expecially when im bored or having a bad day, i can just go through and get a good laugh.

  2. I like going back to old post as well.. as you notice when I get the chance, I post my comments from past posts.. I like reading them and watching old videos. I love seether..

  3. I don´t go back reading old posts. I have all of the videos saved on my harddrive 🙂 I am afraid something is gonna be taken off the server so i HAVE to save everything. My HD is jam-packed with audio/video/pictures. I have like 15 gb Seether, 10 gb Shinedown and 4 gb Art of Dying. I also have backups on external HD´s. LOL. Me.Obsessed? Nooooooo. I am just afraid of loosing all my goodies. Like yesterday, when my Notebook crashed twice with a blue screen. Fortunately i was able to fix it. The day before i deleted two softwares and apparantly it was somehow connected to another software and whenever i tried to open this software, it crashed.

    • I would love to save everything, but I just don’t have enough room on my hard-drive. That is so awesome that you have saved everything though. In fact, just a couple days ago, I was looking for an old video and couldn’t find it. It doesn’t seem to exist online anymore. Maybe you have it???

      It was Shaun and Amy on PopWorld. Crazy interview with them doing a fake phone interview. One of the spice girls was part of the video. Amy and Shaun were sitting on a couch. It was really funny. Does that sound familiar? Do you maybe have that one saved??? If so, could you possibly upload it to YouTube for me so I could do a post about it? I’m sure everyone would love to see it if they haven’t already. 😀

      And that sucks about your notebook. Thank God you were able to fix it. 🙂

  4. It does ring a bell, but the bell isn´t very loud. I don´t know if i have seen or just read about it. I have to check on that. But my collection is quite a mess. I was to lazy to organzise the files so most of them are called something like “1234567.flv”. Not really meaningful, huh? What´s the name of the website where you found it? Maybe that helps me finding it.

    • It was on YouTube. I’m guessing that doesn’t help much. It’s not a big deal if you can’t find it, but if you happen to be searching through your files as a later date and find it, please think of me. Thank you. 🙂

  5. HI
    I know this is out of context but I have been wondering something for a while now. I read once in a live chat thing Shaun did a while back with fans. This is the time he was dating that girl Amy lee. He said that Amy’s song immortal made him cry. What part of that song do you think actually made him cry? and who does he dedicate it to. I mean it say ‘you still have part of me’… i am so curious as to whom he refers it to. i became very sad as I listened to it because I kept thinking ‘what was Shaun going through’. It’s a sad song.. and I give it to her, it’s pretty good. what do you think?

    • Hmmmm, I really have no idea, but it’s an interesting question. The song lyrics are sad to begin with and then Amy’s voice just makes them even more haunting.

      Is this chat thing something that you found that we could all read? If so, pretty please post the link for me. 😀

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