Video for I’ve Got You Under My Skin?

So I was listening to I’ve Got You Under My Skin again, and I started thinking about what kind of video I would like to see Seether do for this song. Well, I have a very vivid image in my head of what I would like. You’ll need to be listening to the song to help you see my vision, so push play before continuing on.


I can see it perfectly…

The video is filmed in black and white and in slow-mo like the Driven Under video. The guys are dressed in all black suits on a small stage in a smoky nightclub. There is a spotlight over Shaun, and as he croons into an old-fashioned microphone, he gives dark, sultry looks at the camera.

If you’re a guy or under 18, feel free to skip to the last paragraph of this post where the arrow is. The next part might be a bit much for you. See you in a moment.



Ladies…now picture that scene in your head. Keep listening to the song. Shaun’s voice curls around you. He’s singing just to you. Those eyes of his baring his soul. He’s got you under his skin. Just the thought of you makes him stop before he begins. You’re a part of him. He’s a part of you. Deep inside…

Wooo…Now I’ve got to come down off that fantasy. I’m all hot and bothered. 😀 I took a little creative detour with the lyrics. Hope you didn’t mind too much. 😉



—->Everyone back together now? Good. So what would you all like the video to look like?



14 responses to “Video for I’ve Got You Under My Skin?

  1. *Purring sound* ^^ I absolutely don’t mind you directing the video. 😉
    Uhm… I got a little too lost in your fantasy to think of something right now… (Wonder why? :P) Well, I guess I could add something… Shaun smoking, blowing the smoke towards the camera at the end of the video and it fades to black from the smoke. (I have no idea why I find that sexy – because I’m normally not a huge fan of cigarettes…)

    Again, I know I’ve said this before – but I refuse to get a crush on someone I don’t know. Just adding my two cents because I am a dedicated female Seetherling (decided that I’d adopt your Seether fan word :P). I’m in love with his voice, and with the music the band makes, but that’s enough for me. ^^ *Purr*

    • Just because you don’t have a crush on him doesn’t mean you can’t find him yummy and fantasy worthy. 😉

      And I know I’ve joked about the whole crush thing, but I don’t really have a crush on him. Maybe I did quite some time ago, but now it’s mellowed into a love of the music and everything the band as a whole stands for. Nevertheless, Shaun still happens to push all my good female buttons, and I have a crazy, wild imagination, so stuff like this post still comes out of me. 😛

      Yes, we’ll definitely have to add your idea of the cigarette smoke to the end of the video. Perfect! Smoking is such a part of Shaun that it should be in the video.

      Anyone else with any ideas? It can be something completely different than my idea.

      • True. He is absolutely a very yummy man… ^^

        …Don’t worry, I love people with vigorous imaginations (it’s one of the reasons I keep visiting this blog :D)

        • Thank you. I’m glad you like the blog. It makes me very happy that people actually like reading what I write even with my vigorous imagination. “Vigorous imagination.” LOL. I love that.

  2. Ohhhh WOW… I love this song now. He sounds so freaking hot! Thanks for setting the mood.. it made me fall in love with this song faster. I have to get this song now ::running to the store:: =)

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