Cover Wednesday 07/08/2009

Okay…this guy isn’t our beloved Shaun, but boy can he sing a Seether song. I love his cover of Never Leave. I sense big things for him. 😀

Definitely go to this guy’s channel page and check out his other covers. They’re all amazing.

Seether Freak


8 responses to “Cover Wednesday 07/08/2009

  1. I wish he would have bothered learning the lyrics before recording it. “Never Leave” is one of my all time favourites, so messing up the lyrics kind of ruined it for me. Sorry for being a biiiatch… 😉 …but apart from that, not too bad (although, as you said – he’s not our beloved Shaun). 😛

    • LOL. You can always make me laugh, Huldra, and you are NOT a biiiatch. It’s a good thing to have opinions. 🙂

      Yep, the screwing up of the lyrics seems to be a regular occurrence on the Cover Wednesday posts. I just remind myself that even our beloved Shaun has done it when doing covers and that maybe the person is taking a little creative license with the song. 😉

      But I have seen some really horrible covers since starting Cover Wednesday. Sometimes they don’t get the words even remotely close to the original, and I just have to wonder why they don’t have the lyrics written down in front of them if they are having that hard of a time remembering them. And THEN…why do they post the video on YouTube???!!! Is that really the best that they could do???

      And if I see one more video that the person has written in the description “I know I sound horrible/suck/screwed up, but…”, I’m gonna scream. If you think you did that bad, don’t upload it.

      Hehehehe…I’m done ranting now.

      • Don’t worry, I don’t mind you “ranting”. 😉

        Hah… I agree!! I can’t understand at all why someone would want to upload something they’re not pleased with (although, it’s different if (“)FRIENDS(“) upload something horrible for others amusement).

        Actually, while we’re on the subject of horrible… Why not have “Karaoke Friday” with the WORST Seether covers? I’ve already seen some very “good” (horribly tone deaf) candidates on YouTube… Well, some people might think it’s a bit mean, but people posted the (let’s be honest) terrible covers for a reason, right? They wanted others to see it… Why not award their courage? ^^ It’s all in good fun.

        • Your idea made me laugh, Huldra. Karaoke Friday. LOL. Great title!

          I’ll have to think about it. Maybe see if everyone else would be interested in seeing that too. 🙂

  2. Hey..
    You girls crack me up! it’s funny, he was doing so good with the voice right? Anyways he tried and he isn’t half bad. =)

  3. I really like his voice. The lyrics mess-ups, obviously, irk me a bit, but overall, it was really nice. Good find!

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