Shaun at Kirstenbosch January 2008

Since I did a post on December 2008’s concert, I figured I better do one for the January 2008 concert. If you haven’t seen the footage of this concert yet, you are in for a treat. It’s beautiful. It’s magic. And for some reason when he sings Sympathetic at this concert it makes me tear up and get goosebumps. Normally that song doesn’t do that to me. It’s just something about this concert.

A close-up view of Sympathetic. Love this video. This is the original version. Below is the YouTube version from Chezzy’s channel.

Sympathetic, different view.  


Couple of short video bits I found.

Seether Freak


2 responses to “Shaun at Kirstenbosch January 2008

  1. I’m crying. Damn it, I’m freaking crying. Full out tears! There’s just something melancholy, and deeper about his voice in this video. I can’t pinpoint it, but…Wow.

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