Answer the question already…geez

I have decided to go question happy, since I’d like to know a little bit more about my readers. So I created a new page  called Answer the question already…geez. See it above? No, not the title of this post. Higher up. See it now? To the right a bit? Yes, that’s it!

So take a look around. Answer whatever you feel like or nothing at all. It’s just for fun. I plan on leaving them there for as long as this blog exists. And occasionally I’ll even add more.

Check back to the page every now and then to learn a little about your fellow Seetherblog readers and to check for new polls. If you have a suggestion for a poll, let me know. I just might use it. 🙂

See? Even Dales excited about the polls.

See? Even Dale's excited about the polls.

Seether Freak


Edit: The title of Answer the Question Already…Geez for the new page sounded really funny in my head when I first wrote it. Now it just sounds stupid and a bit (a lot) pushy. So I’ve changed it to Poll Fun. This one makes me giggle because I have a dirty mind. Poll (Pole) Fun. Wink, wink. 😉 Hahahaha. Yeah, good stuff. At least in my head.


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