Search Me

I had someone search for “seether is terrible” today (and they found ME?!?), so I thought I would do another Search Me post.

  • shaun morgan broken– I get this one A LOT. Are they actually trying to find out if Shaun is broken or are they referring to Seether’s song Broken. You decide.
  • cast for broken finger/broken finger picture/hospital finger splint/guitar and “broken finger” – I get lots of different versions of this. This is another search that I’m guessing the person didn’t stick around for long.
  • seethers shaun morgan new piercing – This one I’m getting multiple hits of every day. Sometimes as much as 10/day. So if you find this post and were looking for a photo of Shaun’s new piercing (which really isn’t new anymore), here’s the link to the post I did about it.
  • important things that seether did – I’m not sure this person found what they were looking for. But maybe they should have. 😦
  • cover fragile seether back – I just don’t get this one. What were they looking for? Ohhhhhh! Maybe a photo of the back cover of Saron Gas’s Fragile CD?
  • freak photoshop– 😯 O-k-a-y. Maybe this search linked to me because I call myself the Seether Freak???
  • shaun morgan cuttest picture – Awwwww. I got this one a few days ago. Hmmmm. Maybe I should do a post about this. One for each of the guys. I’ll post several “cutest” pictures and you all can vote on the cutest one. It will be just so darn the cutest. Anyone game? 😉

Seether Freak


8 responses to “Search Me

  1. Ha, I love the first one.

    …And the second one.

    …And…well, all of them, really.

    I’m most definitely in, on the cutest picture thing, as well.

  2. This made me lol…

    It’s funny, I think I found you by typing Shaun Morgan on the search bar. You weren’t in the first page but I found you on the second one. I think what interested readers is that you have so much information and so organized. I like it a lot, I try checking it once every other day but I get so busy I don’t write. I try though as soon as I can. I will al ways be a Seether freak 😉
    BTW I would like the cutest picture offer.. I am so In..

    • Well it’s great to hear from you!

      That’s four now. I guess I’m gonna have to do some kind of post. I don’t know if I’ll actually do a cutest pic post since I do have an occasional male reader. And, of course, my opinion of cute may not be your opinion of cute. Maybe something to do with favorite pics. Or maybe a contest to put the guys up against each other for different awards. Like best funny face or best hair, etc. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have you all help me on this one.

      Welcome to the blog, Kirsten. 🙂

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