Careless Whisper Official Video

Thanks for the notice Wind-Up. Jeez. Just rumors and then…bam…it’s there. But still, I’m excited; it’s something new from the guys.

The video is quirky and made me chuckle a few times. The DeLorean. Shaun as Teen Wolf. Dale, John and Troy as the Ghostbusters. The only thing that would make it better is if the video had been live action. Just imagine the guys dressed up like all those characters. LOL

I’ve watched the video several times now. It gets funnier each time as I notice things I didn’t see before. 🙂 I’m sure y’all have thoughts on the video, so lets hear them.

Seether Freak


ps. I’ve included both the Y!Music link and the YouTube version. Choose your poison.


6 responses to “Careless Whisper Official Video

  1. I was a bit disappointed when i watched it the first time. I was excited to see the band not a comic. But well, it´s funny. Very funny and unique.
    Is it yet uploaded to the official Seether YouTube channel? Videos from official channels are usually blocked immediately due to this silly issue we have in Germany. It takes a while to block music videos from private users though and i can see the one you linked. I don´t really care anymore about the issue. The internet is a great place – you can find all you want elsewhere. I watched the video on Yahoo. I´m just wondering if it is on the offical channel.

    • I was disappointed too, but I still like the video.

      Last time I checked it wasn’t on the official youtube channel yet.

  2. I thought it was hilarious…
    The way Shaun gains powers and turns into the wolf from that movie with Michael J. Fox and the car from Back To The Future and the way Shaun throws seeds off the airplane to grow trees. It was so cool… They all looked so cute thought.
    I enjoyed it.. 🙂

    • No one on the forums seems to agree with us. Most of them hated it. Which they are, of course, allowed to feel.

      I just happen to be one of those people that sees the humor in everything, so hence, I found the video funny.

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