SeetherWorld Photos

A link to a bunch of awesome photos of Seether! Woo-hoo! But it won’t let me save any of them. Boo-hoo! If anyone figures out how to, let me know.

I love the photos of Dale. There are some really funny ones of him.

So how did I find the photos? They came from a website called Seether World which has a kind of blog-like feel to it. Thanks guys for pooling all the great photos together. 🙂


Seether Freak


Edit: One of my readers KomSaamMetMy told me how to save the photos! Hence the above photo. Hehehe. Thank you! See comments if you too want to save the photos. I think this will make you very happy Chezzy.



6 responses to “SeetherWorld Photos

  1. Great galleries! I just have an idea to save the photos, but is a bit laborious. When you are in the picture that you want to save, press the button “print screen” of your keyboard. Then, open “Paint” (the program) and press “ctrl+v”, in this way, you can cut the image and save it on your computer.

    I think it’s well explained.

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